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How to Fingerpick Guitar Like the Best: Awesome Fingerpicking Lessons

Posted By: Free butterfly
How to Fingerpick Guitar Like the Best: Awesome Fingerpicking Lessons

How to Fingerpick Guitar Like the Best: Awesome Fingerpicking Lessons
by Ray Tutaj

ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B01BN5J272 | 83 pages | EPUB | February 10, 2016 | English | 2.16 Mb

This book "How to Finger-Pick Guitar like the best," focuses on developing right hand fingerpicking technique and skills. We accomplish this with numerous right hand patterns/lessons, in addition to several tunes, which implement the patterns and contain new ones. There is something for everyone; no matter what style you are into or level of playing you are at, you will benefit from these lessons. It will take your playing to the next level. This is great for students of guitar and a great teaching aid for guitar teachers too. If you are already an experienced guitarist, there are also advanced patterns here that will challenge you and improve your technique. If you are just beginning, I have carefully selected numerous lessons and patterns for your growth and the strengthening of the right hand fingers.

The book basically goes like this: With each fingerpicking pattern/lesson, I include the music notation and the tablature (tabs). The right and left hand fingering is also included, with some text explaining the pattern. There is then a hyperlink you can click to watch a video demonstrating all of the patterns and tunes! You literally have a virtual guitar teacher just one click away. Each pattern varies in length, from one measure to several, and there are actual fingerpicking tunes you can learn too. Each pattern is to be learned with the chord I have given, and then applied to other chords or progressions you choose. Your creativity is stimulated right away by doing this. As was mentioned before, the patterns present good challenges for the beginner to advanced players. No one is left out. This product is a wonderful additional to every fingerpicker’s library.

In addition to the hyperlinks above, there are additional links to two further websites that have many more fingerpicking lessons, songs, books, free tabs, and more, to help you on your guitar journey. A storehouse of knowledge is at your fingertips!

Have you ever wanted to fingerpick like your favorite guitarist, or play some picking parts from a great song you like? This volume will help you. This product gives you quantity, quality and value, for a fraction of the price of a guitar lesson. I give you the lessons in videos, demonstrating how all the examples in the book are to be played. This will be a tremendous help for you, the student and teacher alike.

These lessons will help you in many styles, including: Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Doc Watson, Tommy Emmanuel, Leo Kottke, Muriel Anderson, and many classical and folk-rock artists too. The lessons will also help you to play like many of today's popular guitarists. The modern artists of today are essentially using the same patterns and doing variations of them.
With dedication, persistence and practice, you can go on to create your own unique combinations of fingerpicking patterns just like your favorite guitarists. Who knows - you may even write the next big hit!
The lessons in the book will lay a superior foundation for you. With my 30-plus years of teaching experience, I have played hundreds of different songs and combinations of fingerpicking patterns. From that experience, I have put together a collection of many of the most beneficial right hand patterns used extensively in the fingerpicking world.
You will find that the great artists from each generation use many of these same combinations to unlock the wealth of creativity for them. It will do the same for you, developing your right hand technique in a fast and efficient way.
There is a special emphasis on the Chet Atkins and Merle Travis style. This involves alternating your bass notes with the thumb while a melody is being played on top, with some harmony in-between. So, if you are looking to step into that style, or just get better at it, this volume will help immensely.

Feel Free to contact me for book requests, informations or feedbacks.
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