Historical Dictionary of Irish Cinema

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Historical Dictionary of Irish Cinema

Roderick Flynn, “Historical Dictionary of Irish Cinema”
The Scarecrow Press, Inc. | 2007-08-28 | ISBN: 0810855577 | 432 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

For a relatively small country, Ireland has an impressively large
and dynamic film industry. This might very well not be the case,
however, had it not been for the efforts of countless actors, directors,
entrepreneurs, and—more recently—politicians. There has always
been an Irish passion for cinema (as there has been a passion for literature
and theater), but the recent expansion might not have happened
had the state not intervened to make Ireland an attractive and
lucrative production location. The result has been not only more but
often better films, and a shift from provincial subjects to those that
are more universal in nature and thus able to attract larger box-office
receipts and foreign audiences.
This progression in Irish cinema is related first in a chronology and
introduction, which trace over a century of history; a dictionary, with
several hundred entries on the pioneers and current leaders in the industry,
actors and directors, authors, distributors and exhibitors, schools
and arts centers, government bodies and legislation, and above all the
films and recurrent themes; and a bibliography, to enable interested
readers to further explore any areas of particular interest. This Historical
Dictionary of Irish Cinema is an excellent place to start and to come
back to periodically for further information.
Patrick (Pat) Brereton and Roderick (Roddy) Flynn are two specialists
on Irish cinema who were born and educated largely in Ireland.
At present, both are employed by the Dublin City University’s
School of Communications, where Dr. Brereton is a lecturer in film
and media studies and chair of the bachelor’s program in multimedia,
and Dr. Flynn is a lecturer and chair of the master’s program in film
and television. Both have written extensively not only on Irish cinema
but also on cinema more broadly. A reference book like this was
a new venture for them, but they have achieved a wonderful result—
a useful tool for their students and others, both at home and abroad.

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