Java EE: Servlets and JavaServer Faces

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Java EE: Servlets and JavaServer Faces

Java EE: Servlets and JavaServer Faces
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Two of the core components driving Java EE web applications are servlets (Java classes that can listen for and respond to HTTP requests) and JavaServer Faces (JSF), a framework for constructing server-side user interfaces. This course shows how to create basic servlets and Facelets (Faces' view templates) and build simple data-management applications with Java EE. Author Patrick Royal also shares parallel-processing tips that save you time on both ends of servlet transactions, along with tricks for extending servlets and increasing your Java application's cross-compatibility.

Topics include:
  • Creating simple Java EE servlets
  • Setting up a JavaServer Faces application
  • Developing managed beans
  • Working with web context
  • Handling servlet life-cycle events
  • Developing parallel-capable servlets
  • Optimizing Java EE code
  • Enabling security
  • Creating custom components and renderers