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Javascript - The Complete Guide In 2022 - Part Ii

Posted By: ELK1nG
Javascript - The Complete Guide In 2022 - Part Ii

Javascript - The Complete Guide In 2022 - Part Ii
Last updated 2/2021
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Learn JavaScript from scratch with examples, tips, modern challenges and more.

What you'll learn
JavaScript fundamentals & essentials
OOP - Classes, constructors
Asynchronous JavaScript
New features
Event handling
'this' keyword
call(), apply(), bind()
Scope and Execution Context
Callbacks, promises, Async/Await
A computer and taste to learn :)
Learn JavaScript from scratch with examples, tips, modern challenges and more. No prior knowledge required. Build dynamic websites. Understand how websites interact with web browsers. This is a complete course, we tried our best to have the videos as short as possible but also in the best way for you to understand everything with real-life examples. This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to develop modern websites. We cover all important features step by step and from scratch to show how to do that. It is a full course, so you have all you need to understand how and what you need to build a website without searching somewhere else on the internet.After this course, you will be able to understand everything in React, Vue, Angular, and other JS libraries. So, get yourself ready to build modern web applications. No need to install, you already have JavaScript in your browser. In short you will learn:Know where to put your scripts - The difference between adding the script external and internal, within the <head> or within the <body>, wherever or at the end of the <body>, when to use async defer attributes and when to not useFundamentals - Variables, Loops, Conditional statements (if..else, ternary operator, switch), Functions, Arrays, and moreNew features from ES5 up to nowCreating modern effects that you might see in modern websites nowadaysUse Asynchronous JavaScript


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Short demonstration from the introduction

Section 2: From ES5 to now

Lecture 3 map()

Lecture 4 filter()

Lecture 5 reduce()

Lecture 6 Shopping cart example with reduce()

Lecture 7 some() & every()

Lecture 8 indexOf & lastIndexOf

Lecture 9 forEach

Lecture 10 Class & Inheritance

Lecture 11 get() & set()

Lecture 12 Callbacks

Lecture 13 Promises

Lecture 14 Async & Await

Lecture 15 Destructuring

Lecture 16 call()

Lecture 17 apply()

Lecture 18 bind()

Section 3: jQuery differences

Lecture 19 Why this section

Lecture 20 jQuery intro

Lecture 21 jQuery 2

Section 4: Modern & useful examples

Lecture 22 Section info

Lecture 23 Date - Countdown

Lecture 24 Tab component

Lecture 25 Sticky NavBar

Lecture 26 Working with local storage - Create cookie consent

Lecture 27 Modal popup

Lecture 28 Scroll indicator

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