Jim Vanderkeyl - Drawing Caricatures

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Jim Vanderkeyl - Drawing Caricatures

Jim Vanderkeyl - Drawing Caricatures
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4 videos covering the following aspects. The one minute Caricature. The profile caricature you see done at parties and theme parks. Its called the One Minute Caricature because you can learn to draw these in one minute. Fast and fun, these bad boys can earn you plenty of cash on a retail basis.

The front view. Learn to draw the front view FAST caricature seen at parties, theme parks and conventions. Plenty of examples and techniques to get the party started. These, like the One Minute Caricature, are popular methods that can earn you cash cash cash!
Exageration and the Creative Proccess and The creative proccess continued. More of studied approach to caricature, this video is the perfect companion to the the book , A Caricaturist's Handbook. Covers the exaggeration process with plenty of demos.
Happy Caricaturing!