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15 Days Of Autumn Trees & Landscape Paintings

Posted By: ELK1nG
15 Days Of Autumn Trees & Landscape Paintings

15 Days Of Autumn Trees & Landscape Paintings
Published 10/2023
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In this class, you'll master fall color palette & acrylic painting techniques to create stunning autumn-themed artworks.

What you'll learn

How to paint nine different types of fall trees, from oaks to maples.

Techniques for creating stunning autumn landscapes, including forest paths and lakeside vistas.

Acrylic painting skills and secrets to capture the essence of each tree and landscape.

How to use a vibrant autumn color palette to bring out the beauty of the season.

Both the basics and advanced tricks for creating breathtaking artworks inspired by autumn.

The joy of expressing their creativity and passion for art while celebrating the wonders of fall.


A basic acrylic painting set: Including paints, brushes, and canvas.

An eagerness to learn and explore the world of art.

Access to a computer or device with an internet connection to access the online course materials.

A passion for capturing the beauty of autumn on canvas.


Welcome to the "15 Days of Autumn Trees and Landscapes" acrylic painting online class, where you'll learn how to paint the beauty of the fall season using acrylics.This class spans a total of 15 days, during which you will create stunning autumn-themed artworks.In the first 9 days, we'll get into the art of painting nine distinct fall trees, each with its unique charm. Then, in the final 6 days, we'll transition to the creation of six colorful autumn landscapes, where the magic of the season is vividly displayed!I got to experience autumn during my corporate days in London, and now I fill myself with inspiration from the stunning photos and videos online. The bright fall colors have always fascinated me, and I can't wait to share that excitement with all of you.Painting Autumn Trees (Day 1 - 9) - Some of the trees that you will learn during the initial phase:The Majestic OakLearn the fundamentals of painting a classic oak tree.Play with earthy tones and deep reds to capture the essence of oak in the fall.The Graceful MapleDelve into the intricacies of the maple tree, known for its brilliant red foliage.Experiment with vibrant reds and oranges to create the iconic maple in autumn.The Whimsical BirchDiscover the art of painting the delicate birch tree.Explore techniques for birch bark texture and slender branches.Painting Autumn Landscapes (Day 10 - 15) - In the latter half of our tutorial, we will shift our focus to picturesque fall landscapes. With a foundation in tree painting, you'll be prepared to create stunning scenes that showcase the beauty of nature during this time of year.Tranquil Forest PathCombine your tree-painting skills to create a serene forest path.Learn how to convey depth, light, and shadow in a woodland scene.Incorporate fallen leaves and dappled sunlight for a peaceful, autumn atmosphere.Lakeside Vista with Fall FoliagePaint a breathtaking lakeside view with reflections of autumn trees.Hone your skills for painting water and achieving lifelike reflections.Infuse the vibrant colors of fall foliage to breathe life into your landscape.As you complete this online painting course, you'll have a collection of nine diverse fall trees and six captivating autumn landscapes, each capturing the rich, warm colors and beauty of the autumn season.Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this journey promises to inspire and guide you on your artistic quest, just as it has inspired me after witnessing the allure of autumn.So, grab your brushes, set up your paints, and join me on this creative journey.Your artistic adventure starts right here!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 What you'll learn in this 15 days painting challenge?

Lecture 3 Autumn Trees Inspo

Lecture 4 Fall Colors Inspo

Lecture 5 Autumn Trees Supply & Techniques

Section 2: 15 Days of Autumn Trees & Landscapes

Lecture 6 Day 1 - Maple Tree

Lecture 7 Day 2 - Birch Tree

Lecture 8 Day 3 - Ginkgo Tree

Lecture 9 Day 4 - Oak Tree

Lecture 10 Day 5 - Red Maple Tree

Lecture 11 Day 6 - Backgum Tree

Lecture 12 Day 7 - Pine Tree I

Lecture 13 Day 8 - Pine Tree II

Lecture 14 Day 9 - Pine Tree III

Lecture 15 Day 10 - Yellow Autumn Tree Landscape

Lecture 16 Day 11 - Fuji Mountain Fall Leaves Landscape

Lecture 17 Day 12 - Golden Autumn Leaves & Mountains Landscape

Lecture 18 Day 13 - Autumn Forest Path Landscape

Lecture 19 Day 14 - Fall leaves on Road (Supply & Techniques)

Lecture 20 Day 14 - Fall leaves on Road Landscape (Knife Painting)

Lecture 21 Day 15 - Fall Forest Road Landscape

Section 3: Final Words

Lecture 22 Thank you!

Lecture 23 Extra: Maple Leaf Landscape (without VO)

Beginners: Individuals who are new to acrylic painting and want to learn the fundamentals while exploring the beauty of autumn.,Intermediate and Advanced Artists: Those with some painting experience who wish to expand their repertoire and focus on capturing the unique characteristics of fall.,Art Enthusiasts: Anyone passionate about art and eager to express their creativity while celebrating the vibrant colors and beauty of autumn.,Nature Lovers: Those who appreciate the wonders of the fall season and want to capture its magic on canvas.,Anyone Seeking a Creative Outlet: Whether you're looking for a relaxing hobby or a creative escape, this course offers an artistic journey to all.