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Financial Crime Investigations And Open Source Intelligence

Posted By: ELK1nG
Financial Crime Investigations And Open Source Intelligence

Financial Crime Investigations And Open Source Intelligence
Published 2/2023
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Learn the in-depth process of Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

What you'll learn

Obtain Certificate of Completion issued by The Elite Compliance Group: .pdf format, personalized URL and unique QR code for verification.

Financial Crime Investigations

Introduction to Intelligence

The intelligence process and the intelligence cycle

Extras: optional articles on sanitization, dissemination, axioms and the ten standards for the intelligence analyst

Basic analysis techniques

Inference development

Presentation of results: oral and written reports

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT in the intelligence cycle

Open sources

Preparing the environment: Virtual Machines (VMs), the browser, VPNs and more tools and tips

Research: DNS records, archived and cached pages, social media, image information, the dark web, and virtual currencies


Previous knowledge can help completing the course more quickly, although it is not necessary.


The course "Financial Crime Investigations and Open Source Intelligence" is divided into 2 parts:In the first one you will learn everything you need to know to conduct a Financial Crime Investigation, specifically going through the criminal intelligence process, including all its stages, detailing analysis techniques, how to develop premises and inferences, as well as helping you present the results in different forms.In the second part you will learn how to use Open Source Intelligence, which includes the preparation of the tech environment for the research, and going through the tools that you need to conduct a secure and safe investigation, as well as which are best to gather the information you need, such as: virtual machines, VPNs, DNS records, exif data, the dark web, virtual currencies, and much, much more!Includes the theoretical part, practical examples, and methods and tips on useful tools.Once you have completed the entire course, you can request your verified Certificate of Completion issued by The Elite Compliance Group. You will be provided in 48 hours with the .pdf version (which includes the unique QR code) and the personalized URL where your certificate will be published. Other electronic formats are available on request.This Certificate is provided in addition to the one offered by Udemy.The course also contains small questionnaires for you to check your acquired knowledge for some of the sections.Full Course IndexPart 1: Financial Crime and Fraud InvestigationsAn introduction to intelligenceInformation vs. IntelligenceStagesThe origins of intelligence analysisThe analystCriminal intelligence analysisIntelligence analysis and organized crimeThe intelligence processWhat is the intelligence process?The intelligence cycleDirection and collectionDirection/taskingCollection - Data gatheringSourcesCollection planEvaluationEvaluation processEvaluation tablesCollation and AnalysisCollationData integration and analysisInferencesDisseminationExtra section - Optional articlesSanitizationDisseminationAxioms for an intelligence analystTen standards for intelligence analystsBasic analysis techniquesLink analysisInference developmentPremisesInferencePresentation of resultsOral briefingsBriefing structureAnalyze the audienceOutline your briefingWritten reportsContents of a written reportPart 2: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)IntroductionHow OSINT fits into the intelligence cycleCan OSINT support law enforcement?Where does OSINT come from?The value of OSINT for both public and private sectorsHow to fight infoxicationOpen sourcesPreparing the environmentVirtual MachinesThe browserVPNs and More tools and tipsResearchDNS recordsArchived and cached pagesSocial MediaImage informationThe Dark WebVirtual Currencies


Section 1: Part 1: Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations - Introduction

Lecture 1 Information vs. Intelligence

Lecture 2 Stages

Lecture 3 The origins of intelligence analysis

Lecture 4 The analyst

Lecture 5 Criminal intelligence analysis

Lecture 6 Intelligence analysis and organized crime

Section 2: The intelligence process

Lecture 7 What is the intelligence process?

Lecture 8 Direction and Collection

Lecture 9 Evaluation

Lecture 10 Collation and analysis

Lecture 11 Dissemination

Section 3: Extra section - Optional articles

Lecture 12 Sanitization

Lecture 13 Dissemination

Lecture 14 Axioms for an intelligence analyst

Lecture 15 Ten standards for intelligence analysts

Section 4: Basic analysis techniques

Lecture 16 Link analysis

Section 5: Inference development

Lecture 17 Premises

Lecture 18 Inference

Section 6: Presentation of results

Lecture 19 Oral briefings

Lecture 20 Written Reports

Section 7: Part 2: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) - Introduction

Lecture 21 How OSINT fits into the intelligence cycle

Lecture 22 Where does OSINT come from?

Lecture 23 Open sources

Section 8: Preparing the environment

Lecture 24 Preparing the environment

Lecture 25 Virtual Machines

Lecture 26 The browser

Lecture 27 VPNs and More tools and tips

Section 9: Research

Lecture 28 DNS records

Lecture 29 Archived and cached pages

Lecture 30 Social Media

Lecture 31 Image information

Lecture 32 The Dark Web

Lecture 33 Virtual Currencies

Section 10: Certificate of Completion (.pdf format, personalized URL and unique QR code)

Lecture 34 Certificate Sample

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