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Intercompany Billing Process Sap S4Hana

Posted By: ELK1nG
Intercompany Billing Process Sap S4Hana

Intercompany Billing Process Sap S4Hana
Published 9/2023
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Intercompany Journal Entries, EDI setup, FI, SD and MM Enterprise Basic Configurations in detail and End to End flow

What you'll learn

Apply Intercompany Billing Process Knowledge and Configuration in S4HANA

Apply Intercompany Billing knowledge in implementation projects and solving support issues on day to day basis

Understand the Intercompany process from Sales and Distribution , Materials Management and Finance Modules

Apply this knowledge to help business users in solving the issues occurring on daily basis in day to day company operations

Understand the Intercompany Data flow in the SAP System


Basic concepts of SAP FI (Finance), SD (Sales and Distribution) and MM (Materials Management)


Are you looking forward to learn the SAP Intercompany billing process?You are at the right place!Welcome to the SAP Intercompany Sales/Billing training course.The sole intention behind starting this course is to provide a detailed training on setting up of SAP  Intercompany billing/sales process.In this course, you will learn the concepts and configuration of Intercompany billing with a real-time scenario.This course will explain the detailed concepts of Intercompany process design and flow, including the below configurations related to FI, MM and SD module perspective.· Basic Enterprise Structure setup of FI, MM and SD· Master Data· Pricing Procedure and Tax Procedure· Set Pricing Procedure Determination· Automatic Posting To Supplier Account (SAP-EDI)· Partner Profiles· Tax Codes· EDI Configurations· Condition Records· Account Determination and Number Ranges· End user Postings· Journal Entry validation· Errors and ResolutionThe course content is prepared on S4HANA version-2021The course is designed keeping in mind the audience who are experienced and as well entirely new to the topic.This course will give the students an in-depth insight about Intercompany process and configuration steps and utilize the knowledge in implementation , roll out and support projects.Feel free to share this course with your colleagues and friends.Disclaimer: SAP and other products of SAP mentioned in the training is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP SE, Germany. I am not related or affiliated to that.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Intercompany Billing Process Overview

Lecture 2 What you will learn?

Lecture 3 Real-time scenario for Intercompany Billing

Section 2: Intercompany Billing (End User Perspective)

Lecture 4 Sales Order Creation>Delivery>Billing to End Customer>Intercompany Invoice

Section 3: Intercompany Sales- System understanding

Lecture 5 Understand the cross plant derivation, pricing procedure ,tax codes ,GL Accounts

Section 4: Prerequisites for Intercompany Configuration

Lecture 6 Overview of tasks involved in Intercompany Process

Lecture 7 Intercompany Billing or Intercompany Sales Configuration

Lecture 8 FI Enterprise Structure Creation

Lecture 9 FI Enterprise Structure Creation

Lecture 10 FI Enterprise Structure Creation

Lecture 11 MM-Enterprise Structure-Basic Setup_Part1

Lecture 12 MM-Enterprise Structure-Basic Setup_Part2

Lecture 13 SD-Enterprise Structure-Basic Setup

Lecture 14 Assignments related to Plant ,Tax and Order Type- Basic Setup-Part_1

Lecture 15 Assignments related to Plant ,Tax and Order Type- Basic Setup-Part_2

Section 5: Master Data Set up for Intercompany

Lecture 16 Master Data-Introduction

Lecture 17 End Customer Master Data- Created in Ordering Company Code

Lecture 18 Master Data- Internal Customer and Internal Vendor

Lecture 19 Material Creation Error

Lecture 20 How to activate Material Ledger(Production Start up) +Material Creation and Extn

Lecture 21 Material -Account Assignment Group Update

Lecture 22 Assign Internal Customer by Sales Org

Section 6: Pricing Procedures

Lecture 23 Intercompany Pricing Procedures (RVAA01 & Z_ICB) and Set Pricing Determination

Lecture 24 Intercompany Pricing Procedures + Tax Procedures

Section 7: Automatic Posting To Supplier Account SAP-EDI-WEL1 and Output Determination

Lecture 25 WEL1 Settings - EDILOGADR and Output Determination

Section 8: Partner Profiles -WE20

Lecture 26 Partner Profiles for Internal Customer and Supplier/Vendor-WE20

Section 9: Tax Codes Maintenance (FTXP) and EDI Settings (OBCE+OBCB+OBCD) and OKB9

Lecture 27 FI Tax-FTXP + EDI _Part1

Lecture 28 FI Tax-FTXP + EDI _Part2

Section 10: Condition Types and Condition Records Maintenance

Lecture 29 Condition Records(PR00,PI01,MWST,TTX1,MWVS)

Lecture 30 Condition Record for Output Type-RD04

Section 11: Account Determination and Number Ranges (OBA7 + FBN1)-VKOA,OBYC(BSX and GBB)

Lecture 31 GL Account Determination and Number Ranges (OBA7 ,VKOA and OBYC)

Lecture 32 Account Determination-Re-Iteration

Section 12: Intercompany Billing (End User Perspective) (VA01,VL01N,VF01,VF04,WE02)

Lecture 33 Sales Order Creation>Delivery>Billing to End Customer>Intercompany Invoice

Section 13: Intercompany Postings Debit & Credit entries

Lecture 34 Intercompany Journal entries postings

Section 14: Intercompany Billing Journal entries check & Errors and Resolutions

Lecture 35 Errors and Resolution

Section 15: Recap and Thank you note

Lecture 36 Gain Understanding on the task carried out

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