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Laravel 9 Beginner To Advanced With Student Management 2023

Posted By: ELK1nG
Laravel 9 Beginner To Advanced With Student Management 2023

Laravel 9 Beginner To Advanced With Student Management 2023
Published 3/2023
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In This Course, You Will Build Three Different Project With Laravel 9 Include Student Management 2023

What you'll learn

Learn Laravel From the Beginning to Advanced

Learn Basic Laravel CRUD Application

Learn Advanced Laravel CRUD Application

Learn How to make a project using Crud Generator Tool

How to make a Laravel Pagination

Image Uploading

Make the Relationship


You have to know PHP programming.

Understand the object oriented programming.

Basic HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Text Editor IDE: Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code


Laravel 9 - Beginner to Advanced Level with Student ManagementStudents those who are very curious to learn Laravel Programming from beginner level to Advanced level, this is best place to learn. I have revealed all my secrets in this course to make everyone understand it more easily and clearly.Following are the three different Projects which can be created through Laravel:1. Simple Laravel 9 Website along with Contact Form2. Advanced Laravel 9 CRUD Application with Pagination.3. Laravel 9 Student Management Project using Crud generator tool.What are the Benefits of this course?We have implemented the Crud Generator Tool, to do the projects in easy way.We have installed Jetstream inertia asset to provide the implementation of Login Form, Registration Form, Two-Factor Authentication and Session Management.Crud Generator Tool which helps us generate the model view controller and routes automatically generate with professional code rather than writing the manual code. Will be explained step by step.It will reduce the time to complete projects by implementing Crud Generator Tool. Will teach what the differences between Crud and Crud Generator Tool are.After completing the course you will have good enough knowledge about Laravel.What are the Best Parts of this Course?(Following are based only on the Student Management Project)1. User will be able to manage the Student Details.2. User will be able to manage the Teacher Details along the image uploading validation.3. User will be to able manage the Course Details.3. User will be able to manage the Batch Details.4. User will be able to manage the Enrollment Details.4. User will be able to manage the Payment and after payment, user has the option to print the receipt.       


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Install Xampp Server

Lecture 3 Xampp Server Port Issues

Lecture 4 Composer Installation

Lecture 5 Lavavel Installation

Section 2: Lavavel Folder and FileStructure

Lecture 6 Project Open on Vs code Editor

Lecture 7 Vendor Folder

Lecture 8 tests

Lecture 9 config

Lecture 10 appfolder,resources,routes

Lecture 11 File Structure

Lecture 12 Importent Folders and Files

Section 3: Run the Laravel Project

Lecture 13 Run the Laravel Project

Lecture 14 Modify the Welcome Page

Lecture 15 Bootstrap Implementation

Section 4: Routes

Lecture 16 Defining Routes

Section 5: Views

Lecture 17 Introduction Templates, Views and Blade

Lecture 18 Template Creation

Lecture 19 Creating Pages

Lecture 20 Creating Different Pages

Lecture 21 Creating the Links 1

Lecture 22 Creating the Links 2

Lecture 23 Add Bootstrapcard

Section 6: Controllers

Lecture 24 Controllers Introduction

Lecture 25 Create Controllers

Section 7: Database Configuration

Lecture 26 Database Connectivity

Lecture 27 Create Database

Lecture 28 Database Migration

Section 8: Model

Lecture 29 ORM

Lecture 30 Model Creation

Section 9: Resource Controller Creation Command

Lecture 31 Controller Creation

Lecture 32 ControllerFunction

Lecture 33 Resource Method

Section 10: Simple Crud(Create,Update,View,Delete)

Lecture 34 Index Function

Lecture 35 View Data

Lecture 36 Save Data Part 1

Lecture 37 Save Data Part 2

Lecture 38 Save Data Part 3

Lecture 39 Show Data Part 1

Lecture 40 Show Data Part 2

Lecture 41 Edit Data Part 1

Lecture 42 Edit Data Part 2

Lecture 43 Full Source Code

Section 11: CRUD Application with Pagination

Lecture 44 Database Configuration

Lecture 45 Create Controller Model

Lecture 46 Controller Index Function

Lecture 47 Layout Page

Lecture 48 Index Page

Lecture 49 Routes

Lecture 50 Create Form

Lecture 51 Create the Project

Lecture 52 Create Records

Lecture 53 View Records

Lecture 54 Create Edit Page

Lecture 55 Edit Records

Lecture 56 Delete Records

Lecture 57 Pagination

Lecture 58 Full Source Code

Section 12: StudentManagement Project

Lecture 59 Install Laravel

Lecture 60 Database Creation

Lecture 61 Authentication Install Jetstream

Lecture 62 Install Inertia Build assets

Lecture 63 Inertia Login Form and Registation Form

Lecture 64 Crud Generator Tool Install

Lecture 65 Run CRUD Command

Lecture 66 Run the Project

Lecture 67 Crud and Crud Generator Tool Difference

Lecture 68 CrudGenerate Tool View Part 1

Lecture 69 CrudGenerate Tool View Part 2

Lecture 70 Teacher Table Migration

Lecture 71 Teacher Controller Creation

Lecture 72 Teacher Model Creation

Lecture 73 Teacher Controller

Lecture 74 Teacher View

Lecture 75 Teacher Route

Lecture 76 Run the Project

Lecture 77 Teachers Customization

Lecture 78 Add the Pagination

Lecture 79 Upload Images Add New Column

Lecture 80 Image Uploading Section Update Model

Lecture 81 Image Upload Controller

Lecture 82 Upload Image Form

Lecture 83 Image Uploading Section Update View

Lecture 84 Image View

Lecture 85 Course Creation

Lecture 86 Change TextArea

Lecture 87 Duration Changes

Lecture 88 Batch Creation

Lecture 89 Course Validation Part 1

Lecture 90 Course Validation Part 2

Lecture 91 Create Relationship

Lecture 92 User Registation

Lecture 93 DashBoard

Lecture 94 SideBar Part 1

Lecture 95 SideBar Part 2

Lecture 96 SideBar Image

Lecture 97 SideBar Links

Lecture 98 Make CSS Style

Lecture 99 Logout Button

Lecture 100 Change Username

Lecture 101 Apply the CSS Style Username

Lecture 102 DashBoard

Lecture 103 Count the Data

Lecture 104 Enrollment Table Introduction

Lecture 105 Enrollment Table

Lecture 106 Enrollment Table Migration

Lecture 107 Enrollment Controller

Lecture 108 Entrollement View

Lecture 109 Enrollment Routes

Lecture 110 RelationShip

Lecture 111 Payment Table

Lecture 112 Payment Migration

Lecture 113 Drop Down

Lecture 114 Test Report

Lecture 115 Report Controller

Lecture 116 Report View Part 1

Lecture 117 Report View Part 2

Lecture 118 Payment Table Relationship

Lecture 119 Dashboard changes

Lecture 120 Welcome Page Changes

Lecture 121 Full Project Source code

Student those who wants to became Laravel Developer.,Student those who wants to manage the projects in Laravel.,Student those who wants study php framework