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Mastering Web Development: Laravel 10 & Codeigniter 4

Posted By: ELK1nG
Mastering Web Development: Laravel 10 & Codeigniter 4

Mastering Web Development: Laravel 10 & Codeigniter 4
Published 11/2023
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Unlock the Power of PHP Frameworks: CRUD, Auth Systems, and Hands-On Project Experience

What you'll learn

Foundation Building: Gain a solid understanding of Laravel 10 and CodeIgniter 4, setting a strong base for advanced web development.

CRUD Operations Mastery: Learn to create, read, update, and delete data efficiently using both Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Authentication and Security: Understand and implement robust authentication systems, ensuring secure and efficient user management.

Project Completion: Apply your skills to complete a real-world project, integrating all the concepts learned and preparing you for professional challenges.


Basic Knowledge of PHP: Familiarity with PHP syntax and concepts.

Development Environment: Access to a computer with internet, capable of running PHP and related development tools.

Enthusiasm to Learn: A readiness to engage with interactive content and practical exercises.

No prior experience with Laravel or CodeIgniter is required. This course is designed to guide you from the fundamentals to advanced concepts, making it perfect for beginners eager to delve into web development.


Embark on an exciting journey into the dynamic realm of web development with our expansive and detailed course, meticulously crafted to cater to both novices and those with some experience. This adventure through the digital landscape focuses on two of the most influential PHP frameworks in modern web development: Laravel 10 and CodeIgniter 4.As you commence, you'll be gently introduced to the foundational elements of these powerful frameworks. The course ensures a comfortable and comprehensive understanding of the basics before gradually transitioning into more sophisticated and intricate concepts.One of the core components of this course involves an in-depth exploration of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. These are the building blocks of web applications, and mastering them is crucial for any aspiring web developer. You'll learn and implement these operations in both Laravel and CodeIgniter, giving you a versatile skill set that's highly sought after in the industry.Another vital aspect of this course is the understanding and implementing authentication systems. In today's digital world, security is paramount, and this course strongly emphasizes teaching you how to create secure and efficient user authentication and management systems. This knowledge is not just theoretical; you'll gain hands-on experience implementing these systems in real-world scenarios.The culmination of this course is a capstone project that ties together all the concepts you've learned. This project is more than just an exercise; it's an opportunity to apply new skills practically, simulating real-world challenges and solutions. This project will solidify your understanding and give you a tangible piece of work to showcase your newfound abilities.Whether you're looking to elevate your existing skills or you're on the first step toward a lucrative career in web development, this course is your comprehensive guide. It's not just about learning to code; it's about understanding the nuances of web development, the intricacies of Laravel 10 and CodeIgniter 4, and gaining the confidence to build robust, efficient, and secure web applications.This course promises learning and an experience that will shape your understanding of web development and open doors to numerous opportunities in the tech industry. Join us on this transformative journey and become a part of the next generation of skilled web developers!


Section 1: Course Prelude

Lecture 1 Embarking on a Web Development Odyssey: An Introduction to Laravel 10 & CodeIgni

Lecture 2 Laying the Foundation: Setting Up Your Laravel & CodeIgniter Development Environ

Section 2: Setting the Stage with Laravel 10

Lecture 3 Kickstart Your Laravel 10 Journey: Easy Download and Installation

Lecture 4 Navigating the Laravel 10 Landscape: Folder Structure Explained

Lecture 5 Laravel 10's Roadmap: Mastering Routes with Ease

Lecture 6 Commanding Laravel: The Art of Controllers in Laravel 10

Lecture 7 Visual Storytelling: Creating Engaging Views in Laravel 10

Lecture 8 Database Dynamics: Effortless Connection Strategies in Laravel 10

Lecture 9 Modeling Success in Laravel 10: Crafting Effective Models

Lecture 10 Migration Wizardry: Transforming Data Structures in Laravel 10

Lecture 11 Decoding Eloquent ORM: The Backbone of Laravel 10 Data Handling

Section 3: Enhancing Functionality in Laravel 10

Lecture 12 Data Seeding Secrets: Populating Databases with Ease in Laravel 10

Lecture 13 Vite & Laravel 10: Crafting Cutting-Edge Web Experiences

Lecture 14 Accessor and Mutator Mastery: Data Handling Prowess in Laravel 10

Section 4: Mastering CRUD Operations in Laravel 10

Lecture 15 CRUD Operations Unveiled: Introduction and Setup in Laravel 10

Lecture 16 CRUD Infrastructure: Setting the Stage for Data Manipulation in Laravel 10

Lecture 17 The Trinity of CRUD: Controllers, Views, Routes in Action in Laravel 10

Lecture 18 Forming the Future: Building Data Entry Forms for CRUD in Laravel 10

Lecture 19 Designing Dynamic Layouts for CRUD Excellence in Laravel 10

Lecture 20 Edit and Conquer: Mastering Record Modifications in Laravel 10

Lecture 21 Undoing the Undone: Techniques for Database Entry Restoration in Laravel 10

Section 5: Laravel 10 Auth System

Lecture 22 Starting with Laravel 10: Easy Download and Install Guide

Lecture 23 Make Your Laravel Site Look Good with Bootstrap

Lecture 24 Laravel Email Setup: Easy SMTP for Better Emails

Lecture 25 Adding More to Laravel Sign-Ups: Custom Registration Fields

Lecture 26 Making Secure User Roles in Laravel: Keep Your Site Safe

Lecture 27 Laravel User Help: Fixing Passwords and Managing Access

Lecture 28 Using Laravel Breeze: Easy Way to Manage Logins and Users

Section 6: Unlocking CodeIgniter 4

Lecture 29 Jumpstart Your Journey: Downloading CodeIgniter 4 Made Simple

Lecture 30 Exploring the Blueprint: Navigating CodeIgniter 4's Folder Structure

Lecture 31 Charting the Path: Mastering Routes in CodeIgniter 4

Lecture 32 Patterns of Success: Understanding Design Patterns and MVC in CodeIgniter 4

Lecture 33 Command Central: The Power of Controllers in CodeIgniter 4

Lecture 34 Visual Symphony: Crafting Engaging Views in CodeIgniter 4

Lecture 35 Efficiency Unleashed: Utilizing Helpers in CodeIgniter 4

Lecture 36 Forming Perfection: Mastering the Form Helper in CodeIgniter 4

Aspiring Web Developers: Beginners looking to enter the web development field with a robust skill set in popular PHP frameworks.,Intermediate Developers: Those with basic PHP knowledge aim to enhance their Laravel and CodeIgniter capabilities.,Career Upgraders: Professionals seeking to update their skills and knowledge in modern web development practices for career advancement.,Project Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in hands-on learning through completing a comprehensive capstone project.