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One Stroke Painting Rose & Rosebuds On Wine Glass

Posted By: ELK1nG
One Stroke Painting Rose & Rosebuds On Wine Glass

One Stroke Painting Rose & Rosebuds On Wine Glass
Published 6/2023
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Painting Leaves, Rose Bud, Rose & Wisteria on Wine Glass

What you'll learn

Preparing the glass surface for painting

Project 1: Painting Rosebud, leaves, vines and wisteria strokes on glass surface

Project 2: Painting Roses on glass surface

Curing the glass surface


No prior knowledge needed

Materials required to paint like (paints, brushes, surface, water basin, paper towels etc..)

Interest in painting


One stroke painting is a decorative painting technique in which you will load the brush with 2 or more colors to get blending, shading and highlighting all in one stroke. This works especially well when painting flowers and leavesThe one stroke painting technique can be done on paper, glass, wood, metal, fabric or any other surface.This class focuses on painting on glass using Acrylic paints.In this course, You will receive 2 projects1) Painting Rosebuds, Leaves and Wisteria on wine glass2) Painting Full Rose on wine glassYou will get the following 1) All the materials required to prepare  the glass surface, different brushes, paints and other supplies used  to paint the strokes.2) Steps for preparing the glass surface for painting.3) I will show you in detail with step by step instructions on loading the brush properly,  how to paint the strokes that are required to make the rosebud, Leaves , Vines, Wisteria and Rose4) Once you have practiced all of the strokes on paper then you can follow the steps I show to combine all of them and paint on the glass surface.  Painting on glass surface will be a little challenging but if you follow my steps , then you will be able to complete the project and create beautiful painted wine glasses. 5) Finally I will provide you the instructions to cure the glass, so as to make the pain adhere to the surface permanently, that is done either by baking or airdry method. If you are a beginner or intermediate or advanced level, you will definitely find this course useful for you. You can watch the videos first and then try it or paint along with me step by step. Hope you will give it a try, Happy painting


Section 1: Project1: Painting Rosebuds on Wine Glass

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Supply List

Lecture 3 Simple Leaf strokes

Lecture 4 Rosebud Strokes

Lecture 5 Wisteria Strokes

Lecture 6 Preparing the glass surface for painting

Lecture 7 Base coat on Glass

Lecture 8 Leaves on glass

Lecture 9 Rosebud on glass

Lecture 10 Vines on glass surface

Lecture 11 Wisteria on glass

Lecture 12 Curing the glass And Conclusion

Section 2: Project 2: Painting Rose on wine glass

Lecture 13 Introduction

Lecture 14 Materials Required

Lecture 15 Loading the brush and Leaf Stroke

Lecture 16 Stroke Practice-Full Rose

Lecture 17 Stroke Practise-Wisteria

Lecture 18 Stroke Practice- Easy Rose bud

Lecture 19 Preparing the glass for painting

Lecture 20 Step by Step painting on Glass

Lecture 21 Curing the glass

Lecture 22 Conclusion

Beginner level