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Storytelling Using Canva - Never Before Seen Tricks

Posted By: ELK1nG
Storytelling Using Canva - Never Before Seen Tricks

Storytelling Using Canva - Never Before Seen Tricks
Published 1/2024
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Language: English | Size: 2.52 GB | Duration: 3h 7m

Making and editing Canva videos: Elevate your storytelling with creativity using Canva

What you'll learn

Create rooms, customize pre-made rooms and animate objects

Find character collections and customize them

Apply dramatic sound effects to different elements and special effects to text

Audio and video editing made simple including show timing feature


No previous experience with Canva is needed

A free or pro Canva account is required for a more hands-on experience while learning

A laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection


You're probably not interested in spending tons of hours learning some complex video editor or emptying your wallet to get someone to edit your videos. But what if I told you that all the elements you need for an engaging video can be found in Canva? The best part is that Canva is simple and easy to use even if you're a beginner to the graphic design and video editing world.Ready to take your creativity and video editing to the next level? Welcome to “Storytelling using Canva - NEVER before seen tricks”. In this course, we will look at the following:Animating elements and groups to add movements to our characters and objects bringing them to lifeCreating and designing rooms using different elements and the colour paletteAdding and editing audio making it look like you’re a professionalDesigning intro and outro slides plus creating a cinematic end credits sceneLook at ways to share, download and present your videoAnd so much more…Join us and delve deeper into Canva’s video and audio editing capabilities. You’ll be amazed at how we use ingenious ideas to create colourful and entertaining videos. Take a sneak peek at the end product in Section 6 of our curriculum - “The Cleaning Tips Video”.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Reviewing the File for This Course

Section 2: Getting Started With Canva

Lecture 2 Creating An Account and Logging In

Lecture 3 Choosing A Template

Lecture 4 Overview of Canva's Features - Part 1

Lecture 5 Overview of Canva's Features - Part 2

Section 3: Creating and Designing Rooms

Lecture 6 Part 1 - The Laundry Room

Lecture 7 Part 2 - The Living Room

Lecture 8 Part 3 - The Kitchen

Lecture 9 Part 4 - The Bathroom

Lecture 10 Part 5 - The Bedroom

Section 4: Bringing the Scene to Life

Lecture 11 Choosing Characters

Lecture 12 Creating Shadows

Lecture 13 Zooming In Using Duplication

Section 5: Video Intro and Outro Slides

Lecture 14 Creating an intro slide

Lecture 15 Creating an outro slide

Section 6: Animations and Transitions

Lecture 16 Animating Elements and Groups

Lecture 17 Adding Transitions to Scenes

Section 7: Video and Audio Editing

Lecture 18 Uploading and Formatting Videos

Lecture 19 Show Timing Feature

Section 8: The Final Cut

Lecture 20 The Cleaning Tips Video

Lecture 21 Saving, Sharing and Presenting the Finished Video

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 22 Recap of What We Learnt

Presenters, teachers and students who want to deliver a topic in an engaging and thrilling way,A marketing professional or entrepreneur who wants to transform the way that they create advertisements and campaigns,Overall, the content of this course is curated for persons who want to produce a compelling video in a short time without purchasing expensive or complex software