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The Numerology Yantra - Part 2

Posted By: ELK1nG
The Numerology Yantra - Part 2

The Numerology Yantra - Part 2
Published 4/2023
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Energizing through numerology grids

What you'll learn

Yantras and how they are useful

What is Yantra ?

How to create a numerology Yantra

Yantra to achieve our Goals

Yantra to attract women

Yantra to Win over enemies

Yantra to conquer fear

Yantra to conquer delusion

Yantra to conquer madness

Yantra to Win over obstacles

Yantra to Win over difficulties

Yantra to concieve

Yantra to clear our horoscope afflicitions

Yantra to protect our children


Open mind

Pen and Paper to note down

Already should have taken our Part - 1 class

Mindset to learn and succeed


From Infacy till the end of our life we see numbers and even some say "Maths is the queen of all sciences because it has numbers in it", whether it is the queen or not that is another debate for all the time, but here we read and remember numbers throughout our life but we never see how it affects our life…Just like a lots of mysteries in life we deal with numbers in a successful way to solve a lot of problems but not many people see beyond numbers and people who see beyond numbers do not learn about them, the people who do the both perceive a new reality and get all the material success. Here in this class I am presenting you with the opportunity to see and learn what is in beyond numbers. For your information this is the 2nd set of the beyond of numbers and this beyond class is called Numerology and in this class we will learn about numerology and its yantras and what happens when you combine both. What happens when you combine matter and anti-matter !!! there will be a massive catastrophe in the physical manner, you can see about this in the Tom hanks movie Angels and demons, In that movie what they show is the physical manner, just think what happens when you experience this on your form level and feel the magic which automatically manifesting on our physical plane.. If you think about that, that is success in automatic mode. We have simplified such a bog understanding into a small class for you and the Question here is "Do you want success in Automatic mode ?" if yes, then the class is right in front of you…Unlock your success which is in front of you in a end to end solution manner, where it is just a polished gem and we have done all the research and we have polished it for you for the end making it easy for… Now all is in your handsThanks


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Preparation

Lecture 2 How to create a numerology yantra

Section 3: Yantras

Lecture 3 Goal Achievement - "Karya Siddhi Yantra"

Lecture 4 Women Attraction - "Shree Vashiyam Yantra"

Lecture 5 Winning Enemies - "Chatru Jaya Yantra"

Lecture 6 Fear, Delusion, Madness - "Mano Bhaya Yantra"

Lecture 7 Bad Planets - "Pradhusta Grahas Yantra"

Lecture 8 Conception - "Sambhuti Yantra"

Lecture 9 Child Protection - "Bala Raksha Yantra"

People who are wanting success,To create material wealth easily,Achieve our desires in a esoteric manner,People who want to win over enemies,People who want to get pregnant,People who want to achieve difficult thinsg with ease,People who want to attract correct women into their life,People who want to conquer fear,People who want to protect their child,People who want to clear their karma,People who want to clear their horoscope afflictions,People who want to get rid of delusion,People who want to learn higher sciences