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Togaf 9.2 Comprehensive Training: Master Enterprise Archi.

Posted By: ELK1nG
Togaf 9.2 Comprehensive Training: Master Enterprise Archi.

Togaf 9.2 Comprehensive Training: Master Enterprise Archi.
Published 5/2024
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Learn about the TOGAF 9.2 Standard and prepare for the certification Level 1 Foundation.

What you'll learn

Understanding TOGAF Standards and Frameworks

Proficiency in the Architecture Development Method (ADM)

Strategic Implementation of Enterprise Architecture

Preparation for TOGAF Certification

Governance and Management of Architectural Frameworks


Some experience solving problems at the enterprise level, although familiarity with TOGAF is not required


Welcome to TOGAF 9.2 Comprehensive Training, the definitive course for professionals aiming to excel in the field of enterprise architecture. Whether you're seeking to pass the TOGAF certification exam or integrate TOGAF standards into your enterprise solutions, this course is designed to equip you with an in-depth understanding and practical skills that are essential in today's fast-paced business environment.Key Features of the Course:Expert-Led Lectures: Learn from industry experts with real-world experience in enterprise architecture.Interactive and Engaging Content: High-quality videos, real-life case studies, and interactive quizzes to ensure a deep and engaging learning experience.Comprehensive Coverage: Extensive material covering all aspects of TOGAF 9.2, from basic definitions to advanced governance.Resource Access: Gain access to exclusive unpublished content, including detailed case studies and advanced theoretical concepts.Flexible Learning: Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to course materials on multiple devices.Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and professionals in the field through community forums and discussion boards.Detailed Course Outline:Section 2: Core Concepts and DefinitionsDive deep into the foundational concepts of TOGAF, covering everything from basic terms to complex structures like the Enterprise Continuum and Architecture Repository.Section 3: The Architecture Development Method (ADM)Master the ADM cycle, learning how to apply it from project initiation to completion, and understand the nuances of managing and governing architecture within a business context.Section 4: ADM Guidelines and ToolsExplore the relationship between ADM and supporting guidelines and techniques, including detailed analysis of architecture principles, business scenarios, and risk management.Section 5: Applying the ADM in Real-World ScenariosApply your knowledge in practical settings, learning about the iteration in ADM phases, the development of an enterprise architecture, and strategies for digital transformation.Section 6: Architecture GovernanceUnderstand the crucial aspects of architecture governance, including the setup of an architecture capability framework, the role of architecture boards, and the creation and management of architecture contracts.Section 7: Architecture Content FrameworkGain insights into creating essential architecture deliverables such as Architecture Definition Documents, Architecture Requirements Specifications, and Architecture Roadmaps.Why Choose This Course? In this TOGAF 9.2 Comprehensive Training, you will not only prepare for the TOGAF certification but also gain the competence to drive enterprise architecture initiatives within your organization successfully. This course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making it a perfect choice for professionals looking to make a significant impact in the field of enterprise architecture.Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a TOGAF certified enterprise architect and a leader in transforming enterprise operations!


Section 1: Before We Start

Lecture 1 Overview of TOGAF Framework

Lecture 2 Concept of Enterprise in TOGAF and its Significance

Lecture 3 TOGAF Framework Part-2 : Structure of the TOGAF Documentation Set

Section 2: Definitions and Core Concept in TOGAF

Lecture 4 Overview of Core Concepts

Lecture 5 Foundational Terms in TOGAF Part-1

Lecture 6 Foundational Terms in TOGAF Part-2

Lecture 7 Foundational Terms in TOGAF Part-3

Lecture 8 Enterprise Continuum

Lecture 9 Architecture Respository

Lecture 10 Architecture Capability

Lecture 11 Content framework and enterprise metamodel

Lecture 12 Architecture Domain

Lecture 13 TOGAF Architecture Abstraction

Lecture 14 Risk Management in Enterprise Architecture

Lecture 15 Architecture Work Products : Building Blocks

Section 3: The ADM

Lecture 16 Introduction to the ADM

Lecture 17 ADM Cycle

Lecture 18 Draft vs. Approved Deliverables

Lecture 19 Governing the ADM and Architecture

Lecture 20 Governing the Change of Enterprise Architecture

Lecture 21 Phase C- Information System Architecture

Section 4: ADM Guidelines and Tools

Lecture 22 Relationship Between ADM & Supporting Guidelines and Techniques

Lecture 23 Architecture Principle

Lecture 24 Quality of Good Architecture Principle

Lecture 25 Business Scenarios

Lecture 26 Gap Analysis

Lecture 27 Interoperability

Lecture 28 Risk Management

Section 5: Introduction to Applying the ADM

Lecture 29 Areas Covered by the TOGAF Series Guides:

Lecture 30 Iteration in ADM: Enabling Concurrent Operation of Phases

Lecture 31 Three Levels of Architecture Landscape

Lecture 32 Partitioning to Simplify the Development of an EA

Lecture 33 Purpose-Based Architecture Projects

Lecture 34 Applying the TOGAF Standard to Support Digital Enterprise

Section 6: Introduction to Architecture Governance

Lecture 35 Architecture Capability Framework and Architecture Governance

Lecture 36 Architecture Governance

Lecture 37 Architecture Governance: Benefits

Lecture 38 Role of an Architecture Board and Its Responsibilities:

Lecture 39 Role of Architecture Contracts

Section 7: Architecture Content

Lecture 40 Architecture Contracts

Lecture 41 Architecture Definition Document:

Lecture 42 Architecture Requirements Specification

Lecture 43 Architecture Roadmap

Lecture 44 Communications Plan

Lecture 45 Compliance Assessment

Lecture 46 Implementation and Migration Plan

Lecture 47 Requirements Impact Assessment:

Aspiring or current Enterprise Architects seeking TOGAF certification.,IT professionals aiming to transition into enterprise architecture roles.,Leaders and decision-makers looking to enhance organizational structure and efficiency.,Project Managers and Business Analysts interested in understanding enterprise frameworks.