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Learn Arabic Calligraphy Naskh Script

Posted By: ELK1nG
Learn Arabic Calligraphy Naskh Script

Learn Arabic Calligraphy Naskh Script
Last updated 12/2022
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Language: English | Size: 3.34 GB | Duration: 2h 48m

Naskh Script of Arabic Calligraphy

What you'll learn

Learn Naskh Script Alphabets

Joining of alphabets

Writing different Verses of Holy Quran in Khate Naskh

From beginners to advance


No prior requirements


Assalamo Alaikum I'm Nazia Malik, International Eminent Artist Award Winner, National Record Holder of Pakistan in Arabic Calligraphy 2021. 2 times consecutive position Holder of Youth For Pakistan Calligraphy in February and March 2022 .Academic Excellence Award Winner, Appreciation Award Winner and Certificate of Honor of International Calligraphy Exhibition 2021. Multiomics Calligraphy competition winner. Learnt different Scripts of Islamic Calligraphy including different Scripts ;Thuluth,Naskh, Deewani, Kufic, Sunbuli Script, modern Calligraphy,Abstract Art paintings and modern paintings. Started teaching Calligraphy through my Paradise Calligraphy Academy offering 11 Calligraphy courses of Arabic and English Calligraphy. Hopefully learning Calligraphy will be easier for you after Joining this course In Sha AllahThis is a step by step course of Naskh Script of Arabic Calligraphy. I'll demonstrate how to use basic Calligraphy materials to practice and learn Naskh Script in most effective and easiest way. Correct proportions,angles, scales and measurements are described in this course.Naskh Script is among the oldest scripts of Arabic calligraphyNaskh calligraphy was used to copy the Holy Quran and many other Documents.Naskh is one of the first scripts of Islamic calligraphy to develop, commonly used in writing administrative documents and for transcribing books, including the Qur’an, because of its easy legibility.You'll learn in this course;1.Writing of Arabic letters in Naskh font.2.Joining of letters.3. Writing of different verses of Holy Quran 4. How to write complete Surah of Holy Quran 5. How to write "Allah" in Khate Naskh 6. How to write "Muhammad " (SAWS) in khate Naskh 7. How to copy Holy Quran after learning Khate Naskh course.This course includes;Complete lifetime access to 2 hours and 31 minutes videos.


Lecture 1 Alif

Section 1: Different Alphabets in Naskh Script and their joining

Lecture 2 Materials needed for practising Arabic Calligraphy

Lecture 3 Jeem

Lecture 4 Baa

Lecture 5 TAU

Lecture 6 SUAD

Lecture 7 HA

Lecture 8 SEEN

Lecture 9 Laam

Lecture 10 QAAF

Lecture 11 Daal

Lecture 12 NUN

Lecture 13 Faa

Lecture 14 Raa

Lecture 15 Kaaf

Lecture 16 MEEM

Lecture 17 Ain

Lecture 18 Wao

Lecture 19 Mandatory vowels in Naskh Script

Lecture 20 Yaa

Section 2: Composition in Naskh Script

Lecture 21 Ayat 1

Lecture 22 Ayat 2

Lecture 23 Ayat 3

Lecture 24 Ayat 4

Lecture 25 Ayat 5

Lecture 26 Ayat 6

Lecture 27 Ayat 7

Lecture 28 Ayat 8

Lecture 29 Complete Surah of Holy Quran in Khate Naskh

Lecture 30 How to write "Allah " in Khate Naskh

Lecture 31 How to write "Muhammad " (SAWS) in Khate Naskh

Lecture 32 Copying Tracing Holy Quran

Lecture 0 How to copy Holy Quran after completing Khate Naskh course

Beginners who want to learn Naskh Script of Arabic Calligraphy