Learn Dutch in Dutch 3: master the 1000 most used words

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Learn Dutch in Dutch 3: master the 1000 most used words

Learn Dutch in Dutch 3: master the 1000 most used words
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Understand and apply the 1000 most common Dutch words, immerse yourself and learn Dutch phrases and expressions

What you'll learn
master the 1000 most used Dutch words
how to conjugate the present tense and the present continuous
use all modal verbs
give advice in Dutch
use the right pronunciation
express your opinion
a bit of culture
talk about the weather
understand dialogues
go to the doctor
describe the family
use reflexive verbs
master the two past tenses: imperfectum and perfectum
understand many expressions
make Dutch phrases
use the correct word order
have smalltalk with colleagues
apply the comparative and the superlative
give directions
use er
tell a story
express feelings
what to say while doing sports
apply separable verbs
how to translate all, only and busy
how to order something
Knowing about 500 Dutch words or having followed my previous 2 courses
Know already a bit of Dutch?

Want to improve your understanding skills?

Can you use some repetition?

Do you want to learn the most important words?

You're at the right spot!

In this course, you'll learn how to use the 1000 most common words. Yes, 1000!

From the comfort of your own home, you're about to learn Dutch… in Dutch!

A beginners' course

You'll start where you've left off in the previous course on this platform. But, no worries: if you know about 500 words already, you can start following this one. Basics will be covered again at the start of the course to ensure you can follow the rest of the course.

What are you minutes away from learning?

How to use the 1000 most used words in Dutch. These words are used over and over again by Dutch natives, which will help you a lot to get around with Belgians or Dutch people. You'll understand a much bigger portion of what people are saying after having done the whole course. You will learn how to properly use the past tenses, which means you'll be around mid-A2 level after following the course.

How will you learn?

The course includes over 100 video lectures. They are all completely in the Dutch language so you will be totally immersed. Over 100 downloadable audio files are includes so you can repeat the new words whenever you like. Each lesson will have a test to make sure you can apply what you've learned.

The Belgian accent, called Flemish, is used. The Flemish accent is also understood in the Netherlands.

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Native Dutch teacher

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Who this course is for:
Dutch students willing to expand their vocabulary and to improve their listening and understanding skills