Learning Apache Cordova

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Learning Apache Cordova

Learning Apache Cordova
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Apache Cordova is the open-source version of PhoneGap, the leading tool for cross-platform app development. It's a write-once, run-anywhere solution specifically designed for mobile. But to ensure a smooth cross-platform workflow, it helps to know some setup and configuration basics. In this course, Chris Griffith introduces Apache Cordova and the PhoneGap ecosystem, including the two command-line interface (CLI) tools and the PhoneGap desktop app. He shows how to set up your local system and how to create, configure, and build your first project with the Cordova CLI. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, Chris shows how to extend your app with native and third-party plugins that enable features such as QR code detection and geolocation, and debug your app, preview it in an emulator or on an actual device, and then prep it for release in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Topics include:
  • What is Apache Cordova?
  • Setting up for Android or iOS development on Windows and Mac
  • Installing the command-line interfaces (CLIs) for Cordova and PhoneGap
  • Creating a Cordova project
  • Adding and removing platforms from a project
  • Working with metatags
  • Configuring your app
  • Building the app
  • Extending an app with plugins
  • Preparing for release
  • Upgrading to PhoneGap desktop