Learning Screenwriting with Final Draft 9

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Learning Screenwriting with Final Draft 9

Learning Screenwriting with Final Draft 9
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Writing scripts for the screen, big or small, is a dream of countless aspiring creatives. As communication has become more visual and video technology has become more accessible, the art and craft of screenwriting has found powerful uses in everything from politics to marketing and education. Final Draft 9 is the software of choice—the leader in the development of screenplays of all types. It's the go-to software for novices who want to use a professional tool, and veterans who have made it the standard.

Screenwriting with Final Draft is a step-by-step, interactive journey that takes the aspiring screenwriter—or the pro who hasn't yet used Final Draft—from zero to sixty. While it doesn't cover every feature, this Final Draft training course offers an overview of 80% of the tools a writer needs to go from outline to, well, final draft. Your guide, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Roger S.H. Schulman, also offers insider tips and tricks to save time and improve the quality of scripts, and a bonus chapter on using Final Draft Writer on the iPad or iPhone—to take scripts wherever inspiration strikes.

Topics include:
  • The history of screenwriting
  • Customizing the Final Draft toolbar
  • Choosing a Final Draft template
  • Finding and replacing words
  • Creating macros to speed up formatting
  • Working with the Format Assistant
  • Making revisions
  • Comparing two drafts
  • Importing and exporting scripts from Final Draft
  • Working with Final Draft Writer for iOS