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Learning Path: The Roadway To Ibm Cognos Analytics

Posted By: ELK1nG
Learning Path: The Roadway To Ibm Cognos Analytics

Learning Path: The Roadway To Ibm Cognos Analytics
Last updated 4/2018
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Acquaint with new unified interface of Cognos Analytics to consume, modify, and author dashboards

What you'll learn

Learn to build stunning Dashboards with Cognos Analytics

Learn how and when to use visualization

Create tabbed dashboards and stories using the new Dashboard tool of Cognos v11

Master the full-fledged Report Authoring tool

Understand how a dashboard is different from a report, and when to use both

Understand the Reporting Interface

Implement crosstabs and SQL queries


Basic knowledge of data and relationship between variety of data


The latest version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is Cognos Analytics and it brings IBM right back into the game against new-age competitors such as QlikView and Tableau. This sleek, next-generation, unified tool provides you with a fast, intent-driven dashboard and report-authoring interface on top of the strong foundation that IBM Cognos has provided over decades.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

The highlights of this Learning Path are:

Explore Cognos and it’s high level architecture
Augment enterprise data with your offline data to produce stunning dashboards and presentations without IT costs
Learn to secure your data with advanced filters

Let’s take a look at your learning journey. Here, you will strongly focus on the new analytics dashboard tool, that is not only the future of reporting authoring but also appeals much wider audience – right from end users who are simply consumers of data, to power-users who analyze data and create dashboards for consumption, and IT developers who deliver high quality reporting solutions. In addition to analytics dashboarding, which is the completely new feature in v11, you will also learn about what users and author gain by upgrading from older v10 or v8 (why upgrade, and why not). You will get a hang of the completely new connection portal interface. You'll also know the limitations of the dashboarding tool and shows how to mitigate them in the report development tool as it is completely dedicated to Cognos Analytics – Reporting, the advanced report authoring tool. Going further, you will master the Report Tool interface and learn how to create a report dashboard l using simple objects (for beginners). Finally, you’ll go through advanced topics to overcome the limitations of a dashboard tool such as drill-through, prompt manipulation, advanced data formatting, making the dashboards printable, conditional highlighting, and more.
On completion of this Learning Path, you’ll master the art of dashboard creation with advanced report authoring using IBM Cognos Analytics. 
Meet Your Expert:

We have the best works of the following esteemed author to ensure that your learning journey is smooth:
Abhishek Sanghani worked with Cognos 8.x and 10.x for 12 years and delivered countless reporting solutions; he is thoroughly excited to see Cognos 11.x taking a big leap in self-service authoring and dashboard reporting. Currently, he leads a team of software developers, in a large global financial services company, to deliver analytical applications with dashboards and self-service capabilities. Version 11.x being fairly recent, he is involved in testing it from all aspects to assess when and where to use it in the deliveries. He also tries other products such as QlikView, Tableau, and Micro strategy. He believes such experiences with other products make one’s viewpoint wider, and understanding deeper.
The other technology that interests Abhishek is Micro strategy. He possess advanced skills in TM1, Oracle, Micro strategy, SQL Server, and SSAS. He also has a book written on IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio, followed by a video course for Cognos 10 Report Studio Fundamentals. Both have been very fulfilling experiences. He believes this could be a natural and organic update of those Report Studio works. Note that this course focuses on the brand new Dashboarding tool.


Section 1: First Guide to Dashboards using IBM Cognos Analytics

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Introduction to Business Intelligence

Lecture 3 Cognos and Its High-Level Architecture

Lecture 4 Setting Up an Account for Cognos on the Cloud

Lecture 5 Sample Databases and Files

Lecture 6 Welcome Portal

Lecture 7 Where’s Report Studio Gone?

Lecture 8 Your First Dashboard

Lecture 9 On the Back Stage – Connecting to Databases

Lecture 10 Creating Your Own Data Modules

Lecture 11 Adding Your Own Data to Dashboards

Lecture 12 Improving Module – Examining the Data Model

Lecture 13 Refining Module – Filtering and Cleaning

Lecture 14 Extending Module – Creating Custom Calculations

Lecture 15 Generating Stitched Facts – How and Why?

Lecture 16 How to Change Visualization Properties?

Lecture 17 Singletons, Static Texts, and Display Order

Lecture 18 Changing Widget Connections

Lecture 19 Navigation Group for Drill Down

Lecture 20 Creating a Story Using Pins

Lecture 21 Changing the Theme and Background

Lecture 22 Adding Multimedia and Info-Graphics

Lecture 23 Sharing Story and Dashboard Using Custom URL

Section 2: Going beyond Dashboards with IBM Cognos Analytics

Lecture 24 The Course Overview

Lecture 25 Printability

Lecture 26 Crosstabs

Lecture 27 Detailed Properties of Visualizations

Lecture 28 Drill-Through to Another Report

Lecture 29 Master-Detail Relationship/Repeaters

Lecture 30 Opening the Report Interface

Lecture 31 Adding Data

Lecture 32 Adding Report Pages and Prompt Pages

Lecture 33 Toolbox

Lecture 34 Crosstab in Detail

Lecture 35 Nested Crosstab

Lecture 36 Discontinuous Crosstab

Lecture 37 Examining and Overriding SQL Queries

Lecture 38 Populating Values in Prompt Control

Lecture 39 Using Prompt Parameters

Lecture 40 Mandatory and Optional Prompts

Lecture 41 Cascading Prompt

Lecture 42 Prompts on Report Page

Lecture 43 Difference between Charts and Extensible Visualizations

Lecture 44 Heatmap Visualization

Lecture 45 Gauge Control

Lecture 46 Sparkline

Lecture 47 Container within Container

Lecture 48 Drill-Through to Another Report (Drill-Through Links)

Lecture 49 Finishing Touches

This Learning Path is targeted at:,Accountants, managers, controllers, sales heads, and so on will find this Learning Path useful for their day to day work and career progression,Developers, business analysts, testers, product owners of reporting system / data warehouse / MIS can use Cognos Analytics (Cognos v11) to author dashboards and stories within IT department,Those who are already using Cognos BI v8 or v10 will also find it useful as v11 is dramatically different from the previous versions