Linux for Beginners: 3 BOOKS IN 1

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Linux for Beginners: 3 BOOKS IN 1

Linux for Beginners: 3 BOOKS IN 1 by ATTILA KOVACS
English | October 13, 2019 | ISBN: 169965056X | 246 pages | EPUB | 0.16 Mb

If you want learn about Linux but not sure where to begin, this book is for you! When it comes to understanding Linux these days, the leading operating system of the cloud, Internet of Things, DevOps, and Enterprise server worlds it is substantial to an IT career. This book will introduce you to the Linux and open source ecosystem, the correct maintenance and nursing of your Linux environment, the power of software package management systems, the flexibility and efficiency of server virtualization, and some basics of server application administration. Frequently Asked Questions-Question: I don't have any Linux knowledge. Will this book help me?-Answer: Yes. This book can get you up and running with Linux whether or not you've spent time with it before. -Question: Any Linux commands in this book?-Answer: Yes, in fact you will be introduced to both Linux commands and arguments all the way through the entire book.-Question: Are there any hands on practice scenarios in this book or just basic description of what Linux is?-Answer: In each chapter there is a brief description of each scenario followed by step-by-step implementation using Linux CLI (Command Line Interface).BUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY!IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN:
•Introduction to Open Source Software
•How the Linux OS Works
•What Linux Distributions are available
•What are the requirements before Installing Linux
•How to Install Linux Ubuntu Desktop Version
•How to configure the Linux Environment
•What File System Hierarchy Basics you must be aware
•Linux Command Line Basics
•How to Manage System Hardware
•How to Configure Linux Desktop Experience
•Linux Desktop Applications
•Understanding Linux Desktops
•Linux Server Basics
•How to Install Apache on CentOS
•How to Install Nextcloud
•How to Compile Code in Linux
•Linux Command Line Interface Basics
•Help Resources in Linux
•The Linux Terminal
•Command Syntax Patterns
•Linux Files and Directories
•Linux File System Searching
•Linux Archives
•Linux Kernel Modules and Peripherals
•Linux Network Configuration
•DNS Configuration on Linux
•SSH on Linux
•Scripting on Linux
•Linux Loops and Flow Controls
•Optimizing Linux
•Monitoring System Resources
•Introduction to System Process Management
•Process Priority Management
•Working with Users and Groups in Linux
•User and Group Administration
•Securing Your Linux Server
•Object Usability Extension
•Linux Server Hardening
•Data Encryption
•Docker and Linux Containers
•Accepting the Docker Ecosystem
•Docker Installation on LinuxBUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY!

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