Lynda - Painter 2016 Essential Training [repost]

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Lynda - Painter 2016 Essential Training [repost]

Lynda - Painter 2016 Essential Training
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Genre: Video Training

Learn to paint on a digital canvas with the original digital painting software: Painter. Our Painter training helps you get creative ideas out of your head and into the computer. John Derry, one of the original Corel Painter authors, teaches the essential tools and techniques you need to create stunning works of digital art in Painter 2016. First, learn the basics of painting on a computer, and see how to customize your Painter preferences, tablet and pen, and palettes, so they work best for you. John then shows how to mix and manage color; draw with hard media such as pencils and chalk; ink lines; color with markers; and wield Painter's expressive bristles and brushes. He also shows how to paint with special media such as watercolor brushes, clone areas of paintings, and troubleshoot Painter pitfalls.

Topics include:
* Working with a pen tablet
* Creating custom palettes
* Calibrating brushes for maximum stroke quality
* Mixing color
* Drawing and erasing
* Adding tonality and color with the Chalk and Pastel tools
* Drawing with ink media
* Underpainting with bristle media
* Painting details
* Adding texture
* Painting with Dynamic Speckles and Particle brushes
* Exploring Liquid Ink
* Resetting brush properties

Using the exercise files

1. Painting on the Computer
Working with a pen tablet
Understanding what Painter 2016 can do
Let's paint!
Installing custom content

2. Navigating Painter's interface
Understanding the tool palette and property bar
Using media selectors
Working with the Brush Selector bar
Navigating Painter

3. Customizing Your Work Environment
Setting preferences
Arranging palettes
Creating custom palettes
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Working with workspaces
Calibrating brushes for maximum stroke quality
Color management settings

4. Color
The color palette: Visual color selection
Working with the temporal color palette
Mixing color with the Mixer Palette
Working with color sets

5. Drawing with Hard Media
The humble pencil
Erasing tools
Taking advantage of paper's irregular surface
Chalk and pastel: Adding tonality and color
Blending tools

6. Drawing with Ink Media
Inking options: Precise or loose?
Adding color with markers
Creating tonality with the airbrush

7. Painting with Bristle Media
Underpainting with bristle media
Painting details in bristle media
Adding texture
Importing Photoshop ABR image files
Controlling brushes with Audio Expression

8. Painting with Dynamic Speckle and Particle Brushes
Speckles? What are speckles?
Particle brush basics

9. Painting with Special Media
Exploring Painter's three watercolor brushes
Exploring Liquid Ink
Enabling depth

10. Painting with Cloning Brushes
Cloning basics
Using the Clone Source panel
Understanding the Underpainting panel
Exploring the Auto-Painting and Smart Stroke palettes
Working with the Restoration panel

11. Safety Nets and Troubleshooting
Identifying safety nets
Resetting brush properties
Restoring a workspace
Troubleshooting when a brush won't paint

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Lynda - Painter 2016 Essential Training [repost]

Lynda - Painter 2016 Essential Training [repost]

Lynda - Painter 2016 Essential Training [repost]

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