Mark Warda - The Weekend Small Business Start-Up Kit

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Mark Warda - The Weekend Small Business Start-Up Kit

Mark Warda - The Weekend Small Business Start-Up Kit
Sphinx Publishing | 2007 | ISBN: 1572486031 | Pages: 240 | PDF | 1.05 MB

The Weekend Small Business Start-up Guide is the easy-to-follow resource that gets your new business up and running in a matter of days. It gives your business an extra shot at success by helping you think through and put into place certain preliminaries, such as:
–Evaluating your chance of success
–Organizing your business in a form that's right for you
–Naming your business to beat the competition
–Preparing a business plan that gets results
–Financing your business while staying personally secure
–Locating your business for maximum exposure

It does all this without bogging you down. It highlights what you need to know, with a focus always on the goal. It also takes you beyond just opening the door and looks to your critical first year in business. It provides vital information to get you through that time on issues regarding:
–Internet marketing
–Employment issues

Get it done fast, but with confidence, with The Weekend Small Business Start-up Kit.

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Mark Warda - The Weekend Small Business Start-Up Kit

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