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Master Photoshop Elements 11 The Easy Way - 12 Hours

Posted By: ELK1nG
Master Photoshop Elements 11 The Easy Way - 12 Hours

Master Photoshop Elements 11 The Easy Way - 12 Hours
Last updated 9/2021
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Language: English | Size: 1.15 GB | Duration: 12h 52m

Learn Photoshop Elements 11. Get 12 hours of training tutorials. Make your photos lookamazing!

What you'll learn
Learn how to turn your photos into masterpieces.
Apply professional image editing and correction techniques to get incredible results.
Sort and organize large collections to easily keep track of your images.
Discover how to make retouches, composite images, and add text.
Learn how to effectively create photo slideshows and other projects.
Learn the basics of using "Layers" - one of the keys to enhancing your Photoshop skills.
Learn practical retouching and enhancement techniques for your photos.
Find out how to apply various styles and effects to your photos.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
Are you new to Photoshop Elements 11? Do you want to improve your images so they look spectacular? Now you can. That’s because, you don’t have to take ‘the perfect shot’ anymore to get incredible results! In our Learn Photoshop Elements 11 online training course, you’ll discover how to turn your photos into masterpieces. Watch as your professional trainer shows you how to navigate the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 interface and gets you introduced to its enhanced features. Learn basic techniques for photo correction in addition to more advanced topics. Discover practical tips and tricks for retouching and enhancing images such as correcting skin blemishes and teeth color, clearing red eyes, using filters, fixing lighting exposure, and much more. Get ready to make your photos look amazing and to impress your family and all of your friends! All of our videos are high-definition videos, therefore, they are best viewed with the HD setting on, and the videos enlarged.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Getting Started with Photoshop Elements 11

Lecture 2 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 Workspace Overview

Lecture 4 Help Menu

Section 2: Organizer Workspace

Lecture 5 Importing Images into the Organizer

Lecture 6 Main Features of the Organizer

Section 3: Offline Help

Lecture 7 Adobe Help Manager

Section 4: Contextual Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 8 Finding and Activating Commands

Section 5: File Information

Lecture 9 Tags/Info

Section 6: Folders and Catalogs

Lecture 10 Accessing Images from Various Folders, and Sharing Media Files to Other Users

Lecture 11 Creating and Renaming Catalogs

Lecture 12 Optimizing, Repairing, Removing and Converting Catalogs, and Reconnecting Missing Files

Lecture 13 Backing up and Restoring a Catalog

Section 7: Preferences

Lecture 14 General Principles

Section 8: Grouping and Searching Images

Lecture 15 Albums

Lecture 16 Keyword Tags

Lecture 17 Finding Images by Ratings, Caption or Note, Visual Similarity, and Search Textbox

Lecture 18 Saved Searches

Lecture 19 Timeline View

Section 9: Instant Fix

Lecture 20 Crop and Smart Fix

Section 10: Projects

Lecture 21 Overview of Projects

Lecture 22 Creating, Setting, and Printing Contact Sheets

Lecture 23 Creating a Slideshow

Lecture 24 Customizing a Slideshow

Section 11: Acquiring Content

Lecture 25 Importing Images from a Camera using a Cable and Scanner

Lecture 26 Importing Images from the Internet and Medias by Searching

Section 12: Editor Workspace

Lecture 27 Quick Tour of the Editor Workspace

Lecture 28 Toolbox, Menu, Panel, and Photo Bin

Section 13: Edits and Selections

Lecture 29 Quick Edits

Lecture 30 File Types and Names

Lecture 31 Guided Edits

Lecture 32 Panel Bins

Lecture 33 Cropping

Lecture 34 Resizing

Lecture 35 Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee

Lecture 36 Quick Selection

Lecture 37 Out of Bounds Edit

Section 14: Open Image Management

Lecture 38 Course Review

Lecture 39 Working with Multiple Images at Once

Section 15: Layers and Canvas

Lecture 40 Basics of Layers

Lecture 41 Arranging, Applying Opacity, Linking, and Merging Layers

Lecture 42 Changing Canvas Size and Color

Section 16: Straightening, Rotating, and Flipping

Lecture 43 Straightening an Image

Lecture 44 Rotating and Flipping a Selection, Layer, or an Image

Section 17: History and Revert

Lecture 45 History Panel

Lecture 46 Version Sets

Section 18: More Selection Tools

Lecture 47 Magic Wand, Selection Brush and Lasso Tools, and the Magic Extractor

Section 19: Toolbox

Lecture 48 Key Features of the Toolbox and the Tool Groups

Section 20: Enhancing and Retouching

Lecture 49 Fixing Red Eye; Perfect Portrait Edit

Lecture 50 Blur, Sharpen and Clone Stamp

Lecture 51 Tools for Choosing Colors

Lecture 52 Correct Skin Tone and Whiten Teeth

Lecture 53 Refine Edge and Feathering

Lecture 54 Lighting and Exposure

Lecture 55 Filters

Section 21: Painting and Drawing

Lecture 56 Principles of Painting and Painting Tools

Lecture 57 Drawing Shapes and Creating Images from Scratch

Lecture 58 Transforming Shapes, Changing Colors and Applying Patterns

Lecture 59 Eraser

Section 22: Rulers, Grid, and Guides

Lecture 60 Rulers Settings; Snap to Guides and Grids

Section 23: Text

Lecture 61 Adding and Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Section 24: Styles and Effects

Lecture 62 Adding Frames; Applying Styles and Effects

Section 25: More Projects

Lecture 63 Creating and Customizing a Greeting Card

Lecture 64 Creating and Customizing a Photo Calendar

Lecture 65 Creating a Photo Collage

Section 26: Full Screen View

Lecture 66 Working in Full Screen View

Section 27: Organizing and Sharing

Lecture 67 Stacking Photos

Lecture 68 Categorize by Events

Lecture 69 Categorize by Places; Geotagging

Lecture 70 Categorize by People

Lecture 71 Sharing your Medias Online

Section 28: Photo Merge

Lecture 72 Photo Merge Panorama

Section 29: Conclusion

Lecture 73 Additional Topics and Closing

Section 30: Course Quiz

Hobbyists, digital photographers, anyone with a large collection of digital photos.