Medieval Heroines in History and Legend [repost]

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Medieval Heroines in History and Legend [repost]

Medieval Heroines in History and Legend
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Genre: History

This course presents the lives, based on the latest scholarly interpretations, of four medieval women who still shimmer in the modern imagination: Heloise, the abbess and mistress of Abelard; the prophet Hildegard of Bingen; the legendary Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine; and the woman-warrior and saint, Joan of Arc.

In Medieval Heroines in History and Legend, Professor Bonnie Wheeler discusses these four remarkable women in the light of the present "golden age" of medieval scholarship. Almost daily, researchers are recovering lost information that corrects our picture of what had been a misunderstood era. As a result, we know more than ever about the roles women played in medieval life.

What did it mean to be a heroine in the medieval world? As the four subjects of this course make clear, it meant shaping and changing that world. In the monasteries and churches where people prayed, the universities where they wrote and thought, and even on the political map of Europe itself, these women made differences perceived not only in our time, but in theirs.

1 Four Remarkable Medieval Women
2 The Revolutionary Twelfth Century
3 Prodigious Heloise
4 Abelard's Story of Abelard and Heloise
5 Heloise as Lover—Her Sublime Submission
6 Heloise, Adept Abbess and Mother
7 Heloise of the Imagination
8 Hildegard of Bingen, Sibyl of the Rhine
9 Hildegard, Holy Hypochondriac
10 Hildegard's Visionary Trilogy, Science and Letters
11 Wholly Hildegard
12 Eleanor's Lineage
13 Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, Queen of France
14 Eleanor and the Politics of Estrangement
15 Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, Queen of England
16 Eleanor the Dowager Queen
17 Legendary Eleanor
18 Joan of Arc and Her Times
19 Joan Discovers Her Mission and Her Dauphin
20 Joan the Warrior, Holy Berserker
21 Joan's Success and Captivity
22 Joan's Trial, Death, and Retrial
23 Joan of the Imagination
24 Four Pioneers

Medieval Heroines in History and Legend [repost]

Medieval Heroines in History and Legend [repost]

Medieval Heroines in History and Legend [repost]

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