A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women,3 Ed

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A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women,3 Ed

Sam Fryman, "A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women,3 Ed"
Sam Fryman | 2005 | ISBN: N/A | 247 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

It may surprise male readers of this work, or female ones who in their curiosity or anxiety have chosen to take a peek, that this book owes its initial inspiration to a woman.
An attractive and very intelligent woman, called Esther Vilar, whose classic and remarkably courageous work, The Manipulated Man, the author first read around the time of its publication over thirty years ago.
The word “courageous” has been used deliberately, as this remarkable woman, seeing the cruelty and dehumanisation that was being inflicted on men by the feminist society, has in fact had her career as authoress seriously damaged, and been barraged with actual death threats from women ever since, for revealing the truth of the shameful feminist agenda, the domination of society by women in general, and standing up for the rights of men.
We put it to you that this lady is little less than a modern day saint, and for those who would wish to support her, following her decades of being sidelined and persecuted due to speaking up for men, her book is now republished and currently available.
The present book however seeks to go a step beyond even that lady’s fine work, which if you doubt the veracity of a man’s view on women’s psychology alone, you should first check out for yourself.
For here is set before you, the truth about women, your mother never told you, your father didn’t know, and your girlfriend or wife doesn’t want you to know – but should.
For the heterosexual men on the planet who comprise between forty-five and fifty percent of the total global population, surely it is the most important information which as soon as they hit adolescence they ought to be told or taught as routine.
But instead, boys and men are left to helplessly and recklessly blunder their way through the minefield of relationships with the opposite sex, frequently making complete fools of themselves, typically becoming either homicidally angry or suicidally depressed victims of women’s rejection and cruelty, or on the other hand, flip into the equally sad and meaningless role of macho monsters, using women as playthings and fathering unwanted and unloved children, who then go on to contribute heavily to the vandalism, drug abuse and crime statistics with which we are all familiar.
If you feel neither of these descriptions applies to you and your “beautiful relationship” with your girlfriend or wife, it is suggested that you are living in a fool’s paradise from which you will sooner or later be rudely awakened – for example by your lady’s infidelity or divorce of you.
A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women 3
Or else the only other likely possibility is that you are one of the sad countless millions of Western men who have been brainwashed into a state of downtrodden subservience and slavery, which in your ignorance of the true freedom and self-respect possessed by your more courageous and stoic forefathers, you imagine to be love.
If that is your condition, alas, from the viewpoint of manly freedom as portrayed in
these pages, there is no hope for you, and this book is clearly not for you.
The question we would however have a doubting man ask himself who is unsure of what he makes of the subject matter before him is - in your heart of hearts, are you a Spartacus – a freedom fighter who is dedicated to justice and the truth within his soul – or are you happy in your role as slave in the barbaric, sexually perverse and female dominated modern Babylon that is being created all around you by the day?
It is hoped that those who like the author, are not, will read on, as this book seeks to provide an education in the details of this quest for the re-establishment of respect for the male identity, which it is suggested is not easily to be found elsewhere.

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