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Microsoft Az-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies

Posted By: ELK1nG
Microsoft Az-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies

Microsoft Az-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies
Last updated 8/2020
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Increase your Azure Security skillset with the NEW AZ-500 course!

What you'll learn
Know how to implement secure infrastructure solutions in the Microsoft Azure platform
What you need to pass the AZ-500 - Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Certification
Azure security core services and capabilities
Previous experience with cloud and on-prem core services (Network, Compute, Storage, etc.)
AZ-900 course beneficial but not required
AZ-103 course beneficial but not required
Welcome to the Skylines Academy AZ-500 Course! (UPDATED September 2020)Properly securing resources while making them available to users that require access is a constant concern within an IT and cloud environment. This course will explore how to manage identities, provide role-based access, and secure data within an Azure ecosystem.During your journey, Skylines Academy will lead you through a series of sections, modules, and demos to prepare you for taking, and ultimately passing, the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam. What you will learn:Know how to implement secure infrastructure solutions in the Microsoft Azure platformWhat you need to pass the AZ-500 - Microsoft Azure Security Technologies CertificationAzure security core services and capabilitiesSkylines Academy Course Outline:Introduction and Study ResourcesAzure Security OverviewAzure Active Directory WorkloadsPrivileged Identity Management & Tenant SecurityPlatform Protection: Network SecurityPlatform Protection: Host SecurityContainers and SecurityGovernance and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)Security OperationsSecuring Data ServicesStorage SecurityKey ManagementApplication SecurityLectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of the Azure platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.Thank you for joining us!


Section 1: 0. Introduction and Study Resources

Lecture 1 AZ-500 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Azure Quick Overview

Lecture 3 Exam Overview and Study Guides

Lecture 4 Azure Free Trial Account Creation

Lecture 5 Connect with us and fellow students

Lecture 6 AZ-500 Course Slides

Section 2: 1. Azure Security Overview

Lecture 7 Lecture: Defense in Depth

Lecture 8 Lecture: Security Layers

Lecture 9 Lecture: Compliance and Security Requirements

Section 3: 2. Azure Active Directory for Workloads

Lecture 10 Lecture: Azure Active Directory (AD) Overview

Lecture 11 Demo: Create Azure AD Tenant

Lecture 12 Demo: Move Subscription to another Directory

Lecture 13 Demo: Create Users and Groups

Lecture 14 Demo: Self-Service Password Reset

Lecture 15 Lecture: AD Connect Overview

Lecture 16 Demo: Implementing AD Connect

Lecture 17 Demo: Monitoring with AD Connect Health

Lecture 18 NEW! Lecture: Authentication Options

Lecture 19 Lecture: SSO and MFA

Lecture 20 Lecture: Service Principals

Lecture 21 Demo: Create a Service Principal

Lecture 22 Demo: App Registration

Lecture 23 Lecture: Identity Protection

Lecture 24 Demo: Configure Identity Protection

Section 4: 3. Privileged Identity Management & Tenant Security

Lecture 25 Lecture: Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Overview

Lecture 26 Demo: Configure Azure PIM

Lecture 27 Demo: Assign Resource Roles (RBAC)

Lecture 28 Demo: PIM Role Activation

Section 5: 4. Platform Protection: Network Security

Lecture 29 Lecture: Network Overview

Lecture 30 Demo: Create Network in Portal

Lecture 31 Demo: Create VNETs and Subnets with Powershell

Lecture 32 Artifact: PowerShell Script - NetworkDemo.ps1

Lecture 33 Lectuture: VNet Peering and Connectivity

Lecture 34 Demo: VNet Peering

Lecture 35 Lecture: Routing

Lecture 36 Demo: User Defined Routes (Route Tables)

Lecture 37 Lecture: Internet and DNS

Lecture 38 Demo: Private DNS

Lecture 39 Demo: Public DNS

Lecture 40 Lecture: Network Security Overview

Lecture 41 Lecture: Network Security Groups (NSGs)

Lecture 42 Demo: Create and Configure a NSG

Lecture 43 Lecture: Azure Load Balancing Services

Lecture 44 Demo: Create and Configure an Azure Load Balancer

Lecture 45 Demo: Configure App Gateway

Lecture 46 Lecture: Azure Front Door

Lecture 47 Demo: Azure Front Door

Lecture 48 Lecture: Azure Firewall

Lecture 49 Demo: Configure Azure Firewall

Lecture 50 Lecture: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Lecture 51 Demo: Configure DDoS

Lecture 52 Demo: Network Watcher

Lecture 53 Lecture: Azure Bastion

Section 6: 5. Platform Protection: Host Security

Lecture 54 Lecture: Virtual Machines (VMs) Overview Part 1

Lecture 55 Demo: Deploy VM from Portal

Lecture 56 Demo: Deploy VM from PowerShell

Lecture 57 Demo: Availability Sets and Zones

Lecture 58 Lecture: VM Storage

Lecture 59 Demo: Add Disk

Lecture 60 Lecture: Disk Caching

Lecture 61 Demo: Disk Caching

Lecture 62 Lecture: VM Security Best Practices

Lecture 63 Lecture: Azure Disk Encryption

Lecture 64 Demo: Create Key Vault for Disk Encryption

Lecture 65 Demo: Configure Disk Encryption on Windows

Lecture 66 Demo: Azure Security Center and VM Management

Lecture 67 Demo: VM Hardening in Security Center

Section 7: 6. Containers and Security

Lecture 68 Please Rate the Course!

Lecture 69 Lecture: Containers Overview

Lecture 70 Demo: Install Docker and Git for Windows

Lecture 71 Demo: Prepare Application for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Lecture 72 Demo: Create Azure Container Registry

Lecture 73 Demo: Create Kubernetes Cluster

Lecture 74 Demo: Run Application on Kubernetes

Lecture 75 NEW! Demo: Securing the Container Registry

Lecture 76 NEW! Lecture/Demo: Container Security: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Lecture 77 NEW! Lecture: Container Scanning

Section 8: 7. Governance and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Lecture 78 Lecture: RBAC Overview

Lecture 79 Demo: Implement Role-Based Access

Lecture 80 Lecture: Azure Policy

Lecture 81 Demo: Implement Azure Region Policy

Lecture 82 Demo: Subscription Policies

Lecture 83 Lecture: Azure Resource Locks

Lecture 84 Demo: Implement a Resource Lock

Section 9: 8. Security Operations

Lecture 85 Demo: Azure Monitor and Alerts

Lecture 86 Lecture: Log Analytics

Lecture 87 Demo: Log Analytics

Lecture 88 Lecture: Azure Security Center Overview

Lecture 89 Demo: Prevent and Respond to Threats in Azure Security Center

Lecture 90 Demo: Azure Security Center

Section 10: 9. Securing Data Services

Lecture 91 Lecture: Azure SQL Services

Lecture 92 Demo: Creating an Azure SQL Database

Lecture 93 Lecture: Design Auditing and Caching Strategies

Lecture 94 Demo: SQL Long Term Backup Retention

Lecture 95 Lecture: Cosmos DB

Lecture 96 Lecture: Cosmos DB Consistency Levels

Lecture 97 Lecture: Azure Data Lake Store Overview

Lecture 98 Demo: Implement Security for Azure Data Lake Store

Lecture 99 Lecture: Types of Data

Section 11: 10. Storage Security

Lecture 100 Lecture: Storage Account Overview

Lecture 101 Demo: Create a Storage Account via Portal

Lecture 102 Demo: Use Storage Explorer with Azure Storage

Lecture 103 Lecture: Manage Permissions

Lecture 104 Demo: Create and Manage SAS

Lecture 105 Lecture: Encryption Keys and Key Vault

Section 12: 11. Key Management

Lecture 106 Lecture: Key Vault Overview

Lecture 107 Demo: Create a Key Vault Followed by a Key Secret

Section 13: AZ-500 Course Completed!

Lecture 108 Congratulations on completing the course!

IT Professionals,Security-focused IT engineers