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Modern C++ Programming Cookbook

Posted By: First1
Modern C++ Programming Cookbook

Modern C++ Programming Cookbook by Marius Bancila
English | May 15th, 2017 | ISBN: 1786465183, 9781786465184 | 583 Pages | True PDF | 5.01 MB

Over 100 recipes to help you overcome your difficulties with C++ programming and gain a deeper understanding of the working of modern C++!

About This Book
• Explore the most important language and library features of C++17, including containers, algorithms, regular expressions, threads, and more,
• Get going with unit testing frameworks Boost.Test, Google Test and Catch,
• Extend your C++ knowledge and take your development skills to new heights by making your applications fast, robust, and scalable.

Who This Book Is For
If you want to overcome difficult phases of development with C++ and leverage its features using modern programming practices, then this book is for you. The book is designed for both experienced C++ programmers as well as people with strong knowledge of OOP concepts.

What You Will Learn
• Get to know about the new core language features and the problems they were intended to solve
• Understand the standard support for threading and concurrency and know how to put them on work for daily basic tasks
• Leverage C++'s features to get increased robustness and performance
• Explore the widely-used testing frameworks for C++ and implement various useful patterns and idioms
• Work with various types of strings and look at the various aspects of compilation
• Explore functions and callable objects with a focus on modern features
• Leverage the standard library and work with containers, algorithms, and iterators
• Use regular expressions for find and replace string operations
• Take advantage of the new filesystem library to work with files and directories
• Use the new utility additions to the standard library to solve common problems developers encounter including string_view, any , optional and variant types

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