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Motivation, Memory & Metacognition For Children With Ld

Posted By: ELK1nG
Motivation, Memory & Metacognition For Children With Ld

Motivation, Memory & Metacognition For Children With Ld
Last updated 11/2014
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How motivation, memory and metacognitive ability are often affected for children with learning difficulties.

What you'll learn

Outline 6 major demotivators to learning for children with learning difficulties

Discuss strategies to manage and remove demotivators

Specify memory issues exprienced by children with learning difficulties

Explain how to address these memory issues

Understand the link between sleep and memory

Outline four main components to metacognitive thinking

Discuss how these components affect learning from an adademic viewpoint

Put yourself in the mindset of a child with learning difficulties as a result of the "In Their Shoes" activity


This program has sound.

An interest and commitment in assisting children with learning difficulties to reach their full potential

A desire to learn WHY children children with learning difficulties are not learning optimally in order to learn HOW to assist them.

A belief that both neurological and psychological factors can affect learning outcomes.


For children with learning difficulties, challenges in learning occur not only from lesson content, but also from neurological and psychological brain immaturities and differences. As such, many of these children have learning issues associated with what ReMinds terms the “Triple M Challenges”. That is, Motivation, Memory and Metacognitive Thinking. This program will explain and address these challenges. Motivation underpins learning for all of us throughout out lives. However, for children with learning difficulties, specific demotivators may affect learning psychologically even more than neurologically if not dealt with appropriately. In addition, teaching and instruction may be in vain if information is forgotten frequently due to problems with short term, working and long term memory. Discover how this is related to issues of storage and retrieval. Metacognition is essence relates to self awareness. This course will explain how delays in metacognitive thinking impact on learning and academic performance.


Section 1: Introduction to the Triple M Challenges

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Motivation

Lecture 2 Demotivators

Lecture 3 Critical or Negatively Competitive Relationships

Lecture 4 Infrequent or Vague Feedback

Lecture 5 Perception of Content Being Irrelevant

Lecture 6 Boring Instruction

Lecture 7 Teaching By Only One Method

Lecture 8 Hopelessness in Achieving Academic Success

Section 3: Memory

Lecture 9 Memory

Lecture 10 Sleep and Memory

Lecture 11 Frame It and Chunk It

Section 4: Metacognitive Thinking

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 1. Slow Down

Lecture 14 2. Plan Each Activity

Lecture 15 3. Proofread Work As You Go Along

Lecture 16 Check Understanding of Instructions Before Starting Any Tasks

Section 5: Activity- In Their Shoes

Lecture 17 In Their Shoes -What May It Feel Like To Have A Learning Difficulty?

Section 6: End Of Program

Lecture 18 End Of Program

Teachers, student teachers, other educators and parents of children with learning difficulties