Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game

Posted By: Telemachus
Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game

Luke Crane, David Petersen - Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game
ISBN: 1932386882 | 2009-01 | PDF | 320 pages | 8.53 MB

Join the Mouse Guard and defend the Mouse Territories against predators and dangers, in this roleplaying game based on the acclaimed Mouse Guard comic book series! Players form their own Mouse Guard patrol and attempt to complete missions while the Game Master takes on the roles of the weather, animals, and the wilderness, all trying to thwart the fearless mice. Designed by Origins Award-winning game designer Luke Crane for beginners and veterans alike, the game comes complete with three sample patrols and three sample missions, so you and your friends can get started playing right away. Includes art and extensive background material on the Mouse Territories specially prepared by Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, as well as character sheets and maps.

“This game has a lot of powerful stuff going on: the mouse-world, the prominence of the seasons and the weather, and grand, medieval epics that unfold not in some imaginary fantasy world, but right here, in this land, just out of sight. Most importantly of all, it re-enchants the land we live in, lets us see the magic and adventure of where we live, here and now.”

—Jason Godesky, The Fifth World Design Diary