Moving to Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010

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Moving to Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010

Moving to Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 by Patrice Pelland
English | PDF | 2011 | 336 Pages | ISBN : N/A | 18.21 MB

Every time we get close to a new release of Microsoft Visual Studio, we can feel the excitement in the developer community. This release of Visual Studio is certainly no different, but at the same time we can feel a different vibe. In November 2009, at the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles, participants had the chance to get their hands on the latest beta of this Visual Studio incarnation. The developer community started to see how different this release is compared to any of its predecessors. This might sound familiar, but Visual Studio 2010 constitutes, in our opinion, a big leap and is a true game changer in that it has been designed and developed from the core out.
Looking at posts in the MSDN forums and many other popular developer communities also reveals that many of you—professional developers—are still working in previous versions of Visual Studio. This book will show you how to move to Visual Studio 2010 and try to explain why it’s a great time to make this move.
Who Is This Book For?
This book is for professional developers who are working with previous versions of Visual Studio and are looking to make the move to Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
What Is the Book About?
The book is not a language primer, language reference, or single-technology book. It’s a book that will help professional developers move from previous versions of Visual Studio (starting with 2003 and moving on up). It will cover the features of Visual Studio 2010 through a sample application. It will go through a lot of the exciting new language features and new versions of the most popular technologies without focusing on the technologies themselves. It will instead put the emphasis on how you get to those new tools and features from Visual Studio 2010. If you are expecting this book to thoroughly cover the new Entity Framework or ASP.NET MVC 2, this is not the book for you. If you want to read a book where the focus is on Visual Studio 2010 and on the reasons for moving to Visual Studio 2010, this is the book for you.
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