New Food Engineering Research Trends

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New Food Engineering Research Trends

Conrad O. Perera, Sueli Rodrigues, Dionissios P. Margaris, Viraj J. Jasinghe, Albert Ibarz, Lin Qing, Tocias Thiele, Benno Kunz, Carlos A. Prieto, Fabiano A. An. Fernandes, Adrian-Gabriel Ghiaus, Naret Meeso, Antonio Guadix, Shen Qun, Emilia M. Guadix, “New Food Engineering Research Trends”
Nova Science Publishers, Inc. | 2008-02-01 | ISBN: 1600218970 | 282 pages | PDF | 4,4 MB

This new book presents new research in the growing field of food engineering which refers to the engineering aspects of food production and processing. Food engineering includes, but is not limited to, the application of agricultural engineering and chemical engineering principles to food materials. Genetic engineering of plants and animals is not normally the work of a food engineer.
Food engineering is a very wide field of activities. Among its domain of knowledge and action are:
Design of machinery and processes to produce foods
Design and implementation of food safety and preservation measures in the production of foods
Biotechnological processes of food production
Choice and design of food packaging materials
Quality control of food production

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