New York City - Central Park: An Urban Marvel [Audiobook]

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New York City - Central Park: An Urban Marvel [Audiobook]

New York City - Central Park: An Urban Marvel [Audiobook] by Jonathan Paisner
English | December 16th, 2009 | ASIN: -, ISBN: - | MP3@64 kbps | 46 mins | 21.37 MB
Narrator: James Nevius

See Central Park as you never have before. Whether you come to the park every weekend or are visiting New York City for the first time, you will come away from this tour with a true appreciation of why this park is among of the greatest achievements in landscaping and urban development.

On a beautiful day in any season, nothing beats a walk in the park. People think of Central Park as New York's natural parkland. Nothing could be further from the truth. Amazingly, every inch of this park is manmade.

While you walk, make a day of it. Stop along the way to ride the carousel, explore Belvedere Castle, get lost (well, not too lost) in The Ramble, catch a rest in Sheep Meadow…

The tour begins at Columbus Circle at the USS Maine Memorial, the only formal entrance to the park.

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Stops include:
• Tavern on the Green: from sheepfold to fine dining
• Sheep Meadow: there really were sheep on this meadow from 1864-1934
• The Carousel: The original carousel was built in the 1870s, this one was moved here from Coney Island in the 1950s and is one of the finest merry-go-rounds in America
• The Dairy: Part of a social experiment to bring free milk to working class kids
• The Mall: The formal centerpiece of the park, creating a straight line that runs due North-South through the park on a line with Belvedere Castle
• Bethesda Terrace: The most ornately carved area of the park; best place to see the Ramble, Lake, and Angel of the Waters as one long view
• The Model Boat pond: If you're here on a nice weekend, rent a model boat and give it a whirl.
• Cleopatra's Needle: Brought to America in 1880s, carved ca. 1500 BC
• Belvedere Castle: Turret is highest point in the park
• Shakespeare Garden: Planted in the 1920s to ensure that as many plants as mentioned in Shakespeare that could grow in a NYC climate would be available for the enjoyment/edification of Americans
• And, of course, the most popular statue in the park.

Central Park: The Story of an Urban Marvel consists of about 45 minutes of material and you should allow for at least 2 hours to take the tour.

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