Node.js: Debugging and Performance Tuning

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Node.js: Debugging and Performance Tuning

Node.js: Debugging and Performance Tuning
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Node.js apps are known for their blazing-fast speed, but hard-to-find bugs and suboptimal processes can drag performance down. Isolating the problem in the stack can often grind productivity to a halt. In this course, Node.js developer Jon Peck shows how to debug and speed up your site as he walks through how to fix a complete—but flawed—rock-paper-scissors game. Jon shows how to log problems, debug issues, measure performance, implement caching, and continuously optimize your application for performance.

Topics include:
  • Building a troubleshooting mindset
  • Why measure performance?
  • What's a microservice architecture?
  • Managing microservices with PM2
  • Effective logging strategies
  • Debugging Node.js applications
  • Benchmarking performance
  • Profiling code execution
  • Knowing what to optimize