Photodiode Amplifiers: OP AMP Solutions (repost)

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Photodiode Amplifiers: OP AMP Solutions (repost)

Photodiode Amplifiers: OP AMP Solutions
by Jerald Graeme
English | 1 edition (December 1, 1995) | ISBN: 007024247X | 252 pages | PDF | 25.2 MB

Light photons impinging upon a semiconductor material in the vicinity of a P-N junction release conduction carriers to produce current flow through the photodiode effect. Photodiode amplifiers convert this current to a voltage in a relationship that remains linear as long as the amplifier eliminates signal voltage swing from the photodiode. For this purpose, the simple current-to-voltage converter or transimpedance amplifier presents a virtual ground to the diode. However, when connected to a photodiode, this simple op amp circuit displays surprising multidimensional constraints that defy conventional op amp intuition.

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