Planning To Work In Canada, An Essential Workbook For Newcomers (2009)

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Planning To Work In Canada, An Essential Workbook For Newcomers (2009)

Planning To Work In Canada, An Essential Workbook For Newcomers (2009)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada | February 2009 | ISBN: 1100118489 | 51 pages | PDF | 2 MB

This workbook was created for internationally trained individuals who are considering moving to Canada or who have recently arrived. Please note that the fact that you have been accepted to come to Canada does not guarantee you employment in Canada in your preferred profession or any other profession. This workbook is not tied to any immigration or visa application
process for coming to Canada. However, using this workbook will allow you to obtain the greatest benefit from your experience and education.

Planning To Work In Canada, An Essential Workbook For Newcomers (2009)
Table Of Contents
Section A Living In Canada
Step 1 – Learn About Your City Or Region
Step 2 – Learn About Your Province Or Territory
Step 3 – Need Help When You Get Here? Find Immigrant-serving Organizations
Step 4 – What Kind Of Housing Is Right For You?
Step 5 – Finding A Place To Live
Step 6 – Social Insurance Number
Step 7 – Health Card
Step 8 – Driver’s Licence
Step 9 – Canadian Bank Accounts
Step 10 – Government Benefits
Section B Canada’s Official Languages
Step 1 – Canada’s Official Languages
Step 2 – Language Skills Assessment
Step 3 – Finding Language Training
Step 4 – Do You Need Proof Of Language Skills?
Step 5 – Get Proof Of Your Language Skills
Section C Finding A Job In Canada
Step 1 – Occupation
Step 2 – Is This A Regulated Occupation?
Step 3 – Who Regulates?
Step 4 – Will I Need To Be Certified Or Licensed Or Registered?
Step 5 – Getting Certified Or Licensed Or Registered
Step 6 – Main Duties
Step 7 – Jobs And Skills Requirements
Step 8 – Wages
Step 9 – Outlooks And Prospects
Step 10 – Job Opportunities
Step 11 – Continuing Education And Training Information
Step 12 – Other Jobs
Step 13 – Other Jobs Not In My Field
Step 14 – Action
Step 15 – Prepare A Résumé And Cover Letter
Step 16 – Prepare For A Job Interview In Canada
Step 17 – Volunteering
Step 18 – Start Your Own Business
This Is The End Of Section C Of The Workbook
Section D Work-related Documents
Step 1 – My Credentials
Step 2 – Gathering My Documents
Step 3 – Sending Documents Directly To Canada
Step 4 – Getting Documents Translated
Step 5 – Missing Documents
Section E Education And Academic Credentials
Step 1 – Canadian Equivalents To International Education
Step 2 – My Credentials Assessment
Step 3 – Continuing Education Or Training Opportunities In My Field
Step 4 – Other Educational Or Training Opportunities
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