"Polyimide for Electronic and Electrical Engineering Applications" ed. by Sombel Diaham

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"Polyimide for Electronic and Electrical Engineering Applications" ed. by Sombel Diaham

"Polyimide for Electronic and Electrical Engineering Applications" ed. by Sombel Diaham
ITexLi | 2021 | ISBN: 1838800980 9781838800987 1838800972 9781838800970 1838803793 9781838803797 | 295 pages | PDF | 25 MB

This book gathers interdisciplinary chapters on polyimide in various topics through state-of-the-art and original ongoing research.

Polyimide is one of the most efficient polymers in many industries for its excellent thermal, electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties as well as its easy processability. In the electronic and electrical engineering industries, polyimide has widely been used for decades thanks to its very good dielectric and insulating properties at the high electric field and at high temperatures of around 200°C in long term-service. Moreover, polyimide appears essential for the development of new electronic devices where further considerations such as high power density, integration, higher temperature, thermal conduction management, energy storage, reliability, or flexibility are required in order to sustain the growing global electrical energy consumption.

1. Polyimide in Electronics: Applications and Processability Overview
2. Synthesis and Properties of Fluorinated Polyimides from Rigid and Twisted Bis(Trifluoromethyl)Benzidine for Flexible Electronics
3. Design, Fabrication, and Application of Colorless Polyimide Film for Transparent and Flexible Electronics
4. Charging and Discharging Mechanism of Polyimide under Electron Irradiation and High Voltage
5. Polyimide Used in Space Applications
6. Polyimide Films for Digital Isolators
7. Behavior of Space Charge in Polyimide and the Influence on Power Semiconductor Device Reliability
8. Polyimides as High Temperature Capacitor Dielectrics
9. High-Temperature Polyimide Dielectric Materials for Energy Storage
10. Space Charge Accumulation Phenomena in PI under Various Practicable Environment
11. Lifetime of Polyimide under Repetitive Impulse Voltages
12. Electrical Endurance of Corona-Resistant Polyimide for Electrical Traction
13. Synthesis Process Optimization of Polyimide Nanocomposite Multilayer Films, Their Dielectric Properties, and Modeling
14. Effect of Molecular Structure Modification and Nano-Doping on Charge Transportation of Polyimide Films for Winding Insulation
15. New High-Performance Materials: Bio-Based, Eco-Friendly Polyimides

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