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Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Use Them

Posted By: ELK1nG
Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Use Them

Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Use Them
Last updated 2/2021
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The Role of Personal, Architectural and Interior Styles and Their Characteristics in Interior Decorating & Design

What you'll learn
Popular Interiors Styles, Their Characteristics and How to Use Them In Interior Design
Students must have a passion for interior design and decorating
Personal style is integral to all decorators and key to their reputation. Learn how to identify and establish a personal style, recognise and work with others and their differing styles, as well as understand the key characteristics of today’s popular architectural & interiors styles. Understanding the three types of style will help you produce décor projects and proposals that are sensitive to the space and design.IMPORTANT NOTE:All of our courses have been designed to be stand-alone courses and can be done in any order. However, if you are interested in taking all of our courses – we’d like to recommend an order in which to do them (although it’s not required):· Popular Interior Design Styles and How to Use Them· Design Principles & Elements in Interiors· Introduction to Colour In Interiors· Textiles & Fabrics· Introduction to Space Planning· Staging and Styling Interior Spaces· Simple Guide to Curtains and Blinds in Interiors· Simple Guide to Furniture Styles in Interiors


Section 1: Introduction To Chapters

Lecture 1 Introduction To Chapters

Section 2: Introduction to Style

Lecture 2 The 3 Types of Style That Influence Interior Design Choices

Section 3: Personal Style

Lecture 3 Personal Style

Section 4: Art Deco Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 4 Art Deco Style

Section 5: Victorian Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 5 Victorian Style

Section 6: Scandinavian Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 6 Scandinavian Style

Section 7: Modern Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 7 Modern Style

Section 8: Contemporary Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 8 Contemporary Style

Section 9: Eclectic Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 9 Eclectic Style

Section 10: Italian Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 10 Italian Style

Section 11: French Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 11 French Style

Section 12: Industrial Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 12 Industrial Style

Section 13: Country Style: Architectural & Interiors

Lecture 13 Country Style: Architectural & Interiors

Section 14: Architectural & Interior Style: African

Lecture 14 African Style

Section 15: Conclusion

Lecture 15 Conclusion

Decorating & Design novices, hobbyist, enthusiasts and pro's who need a brush up