PowerShell Desired State Configuration Essential Training

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PowerShell Desired State Configuration Essential Training

PowerShell Desired State Configuration Essential Training
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 2:10:40 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 282.3 MB

Learn the essentials of PowerShell Desired State Configuration. DSC is a new IT management platform built on Windows PowerShell that enables administrators to define the desired state of their systems through declarative configuration documents, and manage configuration data on an ongoing basis.

Current IT pros will need to understand DSC as they move into managing Microsoft's next wave of server and cloud products that will leverage this important technology. In this course, Matt Hester shows how to write configuration documents, work with DSC resources, and apply configurations to systems via both push and pull modes. Plus, he shows how to troubleshoot DSC and use DSC in non-Windows environments like Linux.

Topics include:
  • Why we need DSC
  • Understanding DSC architecture
  • Working with built-in and custom resources
  • Creating a DSC configuration
  • Staging configured data
  • Creating, testing, and restoring DSC configurations with the push model
  • Configuring pull servers
  • Creating and testing DSC configurations with the pull model
  • Using DSC in Linux environments
  • Troubleshooting DSC