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Power Up Your Business Using Killer Facebook Pages

Posted By: ELK1nG
Power Up Your Business Using Killer Facebook Pages

Power Up Your Business Using Killer Facebook Pages
Last updated 8/2022
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Learn how to Build, customize, optimize and promote a Facebook Bussiness Page for maximum exposure and engagement.

What you'll learn
You will Learn How to use a Facebook Business Page to Reach Hundreds, Thousands or Even Millions of People on Facebook.
Creating and Customizing a Facebook Page
Choosing a profile and cover photo that reflects your Page's identity.
Automating posts on a daily schedule
Manage your Fan Page and know exactly WHAT and WHEN to post.
Analyzing demographics
Optimize the content of your page according to your audience.
Master Facebook Insights feature to study demographics and select a target audience.
Promoting a Facebook Business Page
Use Facebook Ads to maximize your Page's reach and optimize it to fit your budget.
Leveraging the inherent social and viral nature of Facebook to skyrocket and maximize your Business exposure online.
No prior knowledge is required, this is a complete course that goes from the basics up to the advanced Facebook options
Willingness to Learn
Business or business idea you want to market
Are you ready to grow your business with Facebook marketing?Great news though! You are in the best possible position that you could possibly be in right now. You've already done more than what 90% of other marketers do, you've shown interest and the willingness to learn!Every Day, more than 1 BILLION people are active on Facebook. Spending hours and hours browsing on profiles, groups, and Facebook Pages. That is almost ONE THIRD of all people on the Internet, so it's kind of important to have an online presence with them.As a Business owner, I know you're trying to reach more people every day, target better customers, and helping all of these people understand the benefits of buying your products and services, BUT! Are you using ALL THE POWER of Facebook to grow your business and increase sales?If your answer is NO… don't worry, Facebook is going to be your secret weapon! HOW?Your Facebook business page is your gate to engage with your followers and through it you can build a good relationship with your fans by providing them with good content that makes them come back to your page over and over againAdditionally, Having your company and your brand on Facebook is the best way to reach MILLIONS of new potential customers that will be very interested in you, your products and your message, and without it you will be missing out and leaving a lot of money on the tableHowever, that’s not enough to succeed on Facebook. You need to dominate some simple but critical tools that Facebook is already providing to you. You might think you already know enough of that to be successful, But Facebook has changed the way pages work and how we can interact with our fans so much this past year. There are so many options and Facebook is constantly changing things. If you haven't had the proper training yet, then you won't be taking full advantage of these tactics.Luckily In this Facebook marketing course, I will take you by the hand and quickly reveal the exact steps that you really need to use on Facebook to reach the right people, turn them into customers, and then get them to actually market to all their Facebook friends. It's The ideal course for people with no technical skills or prior experience on building Facebook Fan pages for Business! Everything is explained fully in simple terms, easy to understand for everyone!"It isn’t some fancy marketing scheme or magic; it’s just leveraging the inherent social and viral nature of Facebook to skyrocket and maximize your Business exposure online.Just to recap: When you join the Facebook for business course TODAY you are going to be a few minutes away from gaining instant access to:+5 hours of HD in-depth video tutorials covering all aspects of building a facebook business page, from choosing your niche, Creating and customizing your page, analyzing demographics and automating posts on a daily schedule, all the way to promoting your Facebook Business Page and So Much More!!How to use a Facebook Business Page to Reach Hundreds, Thousands or Even Millions of People on Facebook.Leveraging the inherent social and viral nature of Facebook to skyrocket and maximize your Business exposure online.Access to the Forum and Q&A section where you can ask me anything.So, With all this guarantee you have nothing to lose, DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY, Enroll in the course now and let's start using all power of Facebook to generate more sales, attract more followers and exponentially grow your online presence right now!


Section 1: Hello and Welcome !

Lecture 1 Promo and Course Overview

Lecture 2 Additional Files

Lecture 3 Bonus Resources

Section 2: Getting Started with Facebook for Business

Lecture 4 Overview about Business inside Facebook

Lecture 5 The Difference Between A Facebook Page And A Facebook Profile

Section 3: Building your Facebook Business Page

Lecture 6 The Different Types Of Facebook Pages

Lecture 7 The Benefits Of Using An Info Repository

Lecture 8 Adding Information to your Facebook Business Page

Lecture 9 Adding The Cover And Profile Photos

Lecture 10 Changing The Name Of Your Facebook Page

Lecture 11 Changing the URL or Username of your Facebook Page

Lecture 12 Unpublishing your Facebook Page

Section 4: Building your Community

Lecture 13 Getting The First Like For Your Facebook Page

Lecture 14 Building Your Facebook Page Audience Via Sharing

Lecture 15 Build Up Your Facebook Page Audience Using Recommendation

Section 5: Engaging your Community

Lecture 16 Uploading Photos and Videos to your Facebook Page

Lecture 17 Taking Advantage Of The Pinning Feature Inside of Facebook

Lecture 18 Scheduling Posts To Be Distributed At A Later Time

Lecture 19 Creating Facebook Events

Lecture 20 Replying To Comments On Your Facebook Page

Lecture 21 Using The Private Messaging System

Section 6: Promoting your Business on Facebook

Lecture 22 Exploring The Different Ad Types Available In Facebook

Lecture 23 Setting up a payment method

Lecture 24 Creating An Ad For Our Facebook Page

Lecture 25 The Difference Between Campaigns, Ad Sets And Ads

Lecture 26 Using The Ads Manager to Create your Facebook Ads

Lecture 27 Deleting, Canceling or Pausing your Facebook Ads

Section 7: Understanding your Facebook Page Insights

Lecture 28 Introducing the Insights Panel of your Facebook Page

Lecture 29 Getting Started With The Overview Tab

Lecture 30 Discovering The Likes Tab

Lecture 31 Exploring The Reach Tab

Lecture 32 Getting The Most Out Of The Post Tab

Lecture 33 Reaping the Benefits of Using the Pages to Watch Feature

Lecture 34 Exporting your Facebook Page Insights Data

Section 8: Adjusting your Facebook Page Settings

Lecture 35 Managing the Settings of your Facebook Page

Lecture 36 Adding Page Administrators

Lecture 37 Audience Optimization For Facebook Posts

Lecture 38 Banning Bad Users

Lecture 39 Setting Your Facebook Page Notifications

Section 9: Manage your Facebook Business Page Using the Facebook Pages Manager

Lecture 40 Introducing the Facebook Pages Manager App

Lecture 41 Sharing Information Directly From The App

Lecture 42 Working With The Private Messaging System Available In The App

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 43 Wrapping Things Up

The ideal course for people with no technichal skills or prior experience on building Facebook Fan pages for Business! Everything is explained fully in simple terms, easy to understand for everyone!,Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that want to grow on Facebook.,Interest in using Facebook for marketing your business.,You have a Business or business idea you want to market.,Own a startup.,Or simply, want to build a community…,Share a specific interest with a group of people.,Have some sort of drive/passion