Practical Google BigQuery for those who already know SQL

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Practical Google BigQuery for those who already know SQL

Practical Google BigQuery for those who already know SQL
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Learn how to become BigQuery power user and kick-off you career as Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Analyst or Developer

What you'll learn:
How BigQuery works and how to use this knowledge to write fast and cost-effective queries
Creating tables with all advanced properties like partitioning, clustering and retention policy
Properly choose method of moving data into and out of BigQuery
Using Python client and Pandas to access data in BigQuery
Configuring an link between Google Sheets and BigQuery to access data online from spreadsheets over SQL
Setting up a backup of your views SQL code
Recovering when you delete data by mistake
Setting up detailed costs monitoring of all queries that you perform
Configure a scheduled query to work with partitioned table

A computer with a browser :)
You should know a little SQL

Practical Google BigQuery for those who already know SQL

…is made for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Business Intelligence specialist and Developers that:

- don't know how BigQuery works and why it's such a game changer,

- don't like spending hours browsing through documentation to do things right,

- worry that their queries will be slow and expensive,

- don't need yet another course that explains types of JOINs in SQL.

If you fit the description, this course will help you understand deeply how BigQuery works, what are all its funky functionalities and how to make this powerful tool work for you.

Over the entire course you will:

learn how to access Google Sheets over BigQuery,

understand BigQuery resources hierarchy - datasets, tables, views,

make use of SQL editor shortcuts (also hidden ones!) like a pro,

understand BigQuery additional functionalities like google transfers,

learn how to access BigQuery from python client,

understand how BigQuery works under the hood - how it stores data and performs queries,

learn how BigQuery pricing works, and how to optimize query costs,

create table with all advanced options - applying partitioning, clustering and retention policy,

setup monitoring of costs of each query in BigQuery,

learn how to recover deleted data in BigQuery using SYSTEM TIME,

backup your view's SQL code.

Except of the course videos you will get code snippets, SQL code of the examples, cheetsheets and slides.

Google BigQuery is revolutionizing data analysis world right now and this course is made to boost career of anyone that dare to use this amazing product!

Who this course is for
Data Scientists
Business Intelligence Analysts
Data Engineers