"Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Computing" ed. by Aswatha Kumar M., Selvarani R., T.V. Suresh Kumar

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"Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Computing" ed. by Aswatha Kumar M., Selvarani R., T.V. Suresh Kumar

"Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Computing" ed. by Aswatha Kumar M., Selvarani R., T.V. Suresh Kumar
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC), Volume 174
Sрringеr | 2013 | ISBN: 8132207408 9788132207399 9788132207405 | 1139 pages | PDF | 37 MB

Conference Proceedings is a culmination of research results, papers and the theory related to all the three major areas of computing, i.e., Theoretical Computer Science, Systems and Software, and Intelligent Systems. Helps budding researchers, graduates in the areas of Computer Science, Information science, Electronics, Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Networking to take forward their research work based on the reviewed results in the paper, by mutual interaction through E-mail contacts in the proceedings.

This is the first International Conference on Advances in Computing (ICAdC-2012). The scope of the conference includes all the areas of Theoretical Computer Science, Systems and Software, and Intelligent Systems.

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Multilevel Feedback Queue Scheduling Technique for Grid Computing Environments
Location and Detection of a Text in a Video
Hidden Markov Model with Computational Intelligence for Dynamic Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Assessment of Workload Using Shapely Value in Distributed Database
Modeling and Estimation of Cooperative Index for Multi-Agent Systems Using Execution Graph
QoS Multicast Routing Using Teaching Learning Based Optimization
A New Privacy Preserving Measure: p-Sensitive, t-Closeness
Indie Language Translation in CLIR Using Virtual Keyboard
Energy Efficient Clustering and Grid Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
A Comparative User-Centric Study of Digital Library Software Systems
Adaptive Hexa-Diamond Search (AHDS) Algorithm for Fast Block Matching Motion Estimation
A Probabilistic Solution to Rendezvous Problem
Satellite Image Feature Extraction Using Neural Network Technique
Identifying Refactoring Opportunity in an Application: A Metric Based Approach
Technologies for Cost Efficient Enterprise Resource Planning: A Theoretical Perspective
Test Case Generation Using Activity Diagram and Sequence Diagram
User Authentication Using Keystroke Recognition
On Decidability and Matching Issues for Regex Languages
Randomized Algorithms: On the Improvement of Searching Techniques Using Probabilistic Linear Linked Skip Lists
Review of Proposed Architectures for Automated Text Summarization
Steer-By-Wire Implementation Using Kinect
An Efficient Incentive Compatible Mechanism to Motivate Wikipedia Contributors
Simulating Spiking Neuron for Information Theoretic Analysis in Stochastic Neuronal System
Nash Equilibrium and Marcov Chains to Enhance Game Theoretic Approach for Vanet Security
Fast Computation of Image Scaling Algorithms Using Frequency Domain Approach
Word Level Script Identification of Text in Low Resolution Images of Display Boards Using Wavelet Features
Analytical Study Using Data Mining for Periodical Medical Examination of Employees
Syntactic Representation of Shape of Object Using Regular Grammar
Message Overhead Analysis of Quorum Protocols
Modified (Q, r) Policy for Stochastic Inventory Control Systems in Supply Chain
Single Input Variable Universe Fuzzy Controller with Contraction-Expansion Factor for Double Inverted Pendulum
Performance Evaluation of A Novel Most Recently Used Frequency Count (MRUFC) List Accessing Algorithm
Automatic Test Case Generation Using Sequence Diagram
Normalized Wavelet Hybrid Feature for Consonant Classification in Noisy Environments
Cuckoo Search for Inverse Problems and Topology Optimization
A Lock Management Framework for a Class Hierarchy Tree
ECG Arrhythmia Classification Using R-Peak Based Segmentation, Binary Particle Swarm Optimization and Absolute Euclidean Classifier
Design of Low Power High Speed 4-Bit TIQ Based CMOS Flash ADC
A Reduced Complexity LDPC Decoding Algorithm Using Dynamic Bit Node Selection
Memory Optimized Design of Reciprocal Unit
Enhanced LZW Algorithm with Less Compression Ratio
Design of High Security and Performance System for Storage Devices Using AES
Implementation of Lifting Scheme Based DWT Architecture on FPGA
Mobile Based E-Mail Reading System
Design of ANFIS Controller Based on Fusion Function for Linear Inverted Pendulum
Proposing Modified NSGA-II to Solve a Job Sequencing Problem
Verification Platform for FPGA Based Architecture
Implementation and Analysis of Downlink Scheduling for IEEE 802.16 Using Controlled Priority Queuing
Mechanism for Secure Content Publishing for Reporting Platform Hosted on Public Could Infrastructure
A Semi-Interquartile Min-Min Max-Min (SIM2) Approach for Grid Task Scheduling
Simulation Based Performance Comparison of Reactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using NS-2
Fault Tolerance for Large Scale Storage Systems
Real Time Electro-Oculogram Driven Rehabilitation Aid
A Quantitative Approach Using Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering Methodology and Analytic Hierarchy Process in Selecting the Best Alternative
Multilanguage Based SMS Encryption Techniques
High Speed Low Power VLSI Architecture for SPST Adder Using Modified Carry Look Ahead Adder
ASIC Primitive Cells in Modified Gated Diffusion Input Technique
Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model for Recognizing Emotion from Music
Investigations on the Routing Protocols for Wireless Body Area Networks
Effect of Idle Mode on Power Saving in Mobile WiMAX Network
High Speed Programmable Digital Telemetry Filter for Flight Test
Hierarchical Storage Technique for Maintaining Hop-Count to Prevent DDoS Attack in Cloud Computing
VHDL Synthesis and Simulation of an Efficient Genetic Algorithm Based on FPGA
Forensic Sketch Matching Using SURF
Comparison of Configurations of Data Path Architecture Developed Using Template
LDPC and SHA Based Iris Recognition for Smart Card Security
A Broker Based Architecture for Adaptive Load Balancing and Elastic Resource Provisioning and Deprovisioning in Multi-tenant Based Cloud Environments
Variation in Active Site Amino Residues of H1N1 Swine Flu Neuraminidase
A Semantic Search Engine to Discover and Select Sensor Web Services for Wireless Sensor Network
Prevention of Man in the Middle Attack by Using Honeypot
Slicing of Programs Dynamically under Distributed Environment
An Efficient Incentive Compatible Mechanism for Paid Crowdsourcing
Doubling Runtime Estimations to Improve Performance of Backfill Algorithms in Cloud Metaschedular Considering Job Dependencies
Self-managing the Performance of Distributed Computing Systems - An Expert Control Solution
An Embedded Navigation System for Aiding People with Alzheimer's Disease
Software Licensing Models and Benefits in Cloud Environment: A Survey
VLSI Architecture of Spread Sprectrum Image Watermarking Decoder
Strategy Driven Approach for the AD HOC Network Participants Using the Notion of Trust and Activity
Multicriteria Decision Analysis for Intrusion Detection Data
Realization of the Cryptographic Processes in Privacy Preserving
A Privacy Preserved Integrated Framework for Location Based Tracking for Wireless Sensor Networks
Cluster Allocation Strategies of the ExFAT and FAT File Systems: A Comparative Study in Embedded Storage Systems
Audio Steganography Used for Secure Data Transmission
An XML Parser of Efficient Updates for a Binary String: A Case Study
SVM-DSD: SVM Based Diagnostic System for the Detection of Pomegranate Leaf Diseases
Encrypted Traffic and IPsec Challenges for Intrusion Detection System
An Effective User Interface Tool for Retrieval of Heart Sound and Murmurs
DCell-IP: DCell Emboldened with IP Address Hierarchy for Efficient Routing
An Approach to Securing Data in Hosted CRM Applications
Alzheimer's Disease Detection Using Minimal Morphometric Features with an Extreme Learning Machine Classifier
Bidding Strategy in Simultaneous English Auctions Using Game Theory
Web Personalization Based on Short Term Navigational Behaviour and Meta Keywords
A Parallel Fuzzy C Means Algorithm for Brain Tumor Segmentation on Multiple MRI Images
Implementation of Web Search Result Clustering System
Data Mining in Online Social Games
Data Mapping in Intelligent Form Using Random Hierarchical Bit Format Enhancing the Security in Data Retrieval
Effective Unit Testing Framework for Automation of Windows Applications
A New Optimization Method Based on Adaptive Social Behavior: ASBO
Design and Implementation of Interval Type-2 Single Input Fuzzy Logic Controller for Magnetic Levitation System
Mining Negative Association Rules from Multiple Data Sources on the Basis of Local Pattern Analysis
Recognition of Hand Punched Kannada Braille Characters Using Knowledge Based Multi Decision Concept: Basic Symbols
Vascular Tree Segmentation in Fundus Images Using Curvelet Transform
A Density-Based Clustering Paradigm to Detect Faults in Wireless Sensor Network
Ant Colony Optimization for Data Cache Technique in MANET
Automatic Extraction of Kannada Complex Predicates from Corpora
Texture Image Retrieval Using Greedy Method
Multi-lingual Speaker Identification with the Constraint of Limited Data
Improving Performance of K-Means Clustering by Initializing Cluster Centers Using Genetic Algorithm and Entropy Based Fuzzy Clustering for Categorization of Diabetic Patients
Hindi and English Off-line Signature Identification and Verification
A Robust Method of Image Based Coin Recognition
N-Gram Based Approach to Automatic Tamil Lyric Generation by Identifying Emotion
Texture Analysis and Defect Classification for Fabric Images Using Regular Bands and Quadratic Programming
Exploring the Pattern of Customer Purchase with Web Usage Mining
Information Fusion from Mammogram and Ultrasound Images for Better Classification of Breast Mass
Design of Fuzzy PD Controller for Inverted Pendulum in Real Time
Classification of Kannada Numerals Using Multi-layer Neural Network
Content Based Image Retrieval by Combining Median Filtering. BEMD and Color Technique
Fuzzy Geometric Face Model for Face Detection Based on Skin Color Fusion Model
A Novel Approach for Prefetching of Web Pages through Clustering of Web Users to Reduce the Web Latency
ANeuro-Fuzzy Based Intelligent Agent for Text Based Emotion Recognition
Feature Selection for Decoding of Cognitive States in Multiple-Subject Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
A New Approach to Partial Image Encryption
Fuzzy Number with Nonlinear Membership Functions to Provide Flexibility in a Multi Objective Travelling Salesman Problem
A Novel Approach for Image Retrieval Based on ROI and Multifeatures Using Genetic Algorithm
Ship Detection from SAR and SO Images
Automatic Speaker Recognition System
An Approach for Document Image Based Printed Character Recognition
Flexibility in Supplier Selection Using Fuzzy Numbers with Nonlinear Membership Functions
Fuzzy Based Interference Reduction in Cognitive Networks
Managing Traffic Flow Based on Predictive Data Analysis
Digital Filter Approach for ECG in Signal Processing
A Pattern Recognition Approach of Japanese Text Recognition for Template Matching
Extraction of Bacterial Clusters from Digital Microscopic Images through Statistical and Neural Network Approaches
Analysis of Brain Activity for Motor Task Using Simultaneous EEG - fMRI
K-Means Clustering Microaggregation for Statistical Disclosure Control
Content Based Image Retrieval Using Sketches
Component Based Software Development Using Component Oriented Programming
Transformation of Artistic Form Text to Linear Form Text for OCR Systems
A Fuzzy Sectional Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm Based on System Load
An Intelligent and Robust Single Input Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Ball and Beam System
Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Structure Controller for Rotary Inverted Pendulum
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