Progress in Cancer Immunotherapy

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Progress in Cancer Immunotherapy

Progress in Cancer Immunotherapy
Springer | Human Genetics | July 2016 | ISBN-10: 9401775532 | 283 pages | pdf | 3.2 mb

Editors: Zhang, Shuren (Ed.)
​​Provides readers with recent progress in basic and clinical research of cancer immunotherapy
Covers hot topics in cancer immunotherapy, such as cancer vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and adoptive cellular therapy
Written by experts in this fields

This book provides readers an extensive overview of recent progress in basic and clinical research on cancer immunotherapy. Thanks to rapid advances in molecular biology and immunology, it has become increasingly evident that cancer growth is influenced by host immune responses. With the success of a number of clinical trials, immunotherapy has become a promising treatment modality of cancer. This book covers five major topics, including monoclonal antibodies, biological response modifiers, cancer vaccines, adoptive cellular therapy and oncolytic viruses. It also examines the combination of different immune strategies as well as the combination of immunotherapy with other treatments to increase anti-tumor effects. Through the comprehensive discussion of the topic, the book sheds valuable new light on the treatment of tumors.

Number of Illustrations and Tables
1 b/w illustrations, 14 illustrations in colour
Human Genetics

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