Python for NumWorks Powerful Python programs and games for the NumWorks handheld calculator

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Python for NumWorks Powerful Python programs and games for the NumWorks handheld calculator

Python for NumWorks: Powerful Python programs and games for the NumWorks handheld calculator
English | 2021 | ISBN: 9788558337716 | 338 pages | EPUB | 18.05 MB

The NumWorks calculator is, in several ways, an improvement over the Texas Instruments and Casio calculators.

Those other calculators have been with us for several decades now, with only a very, very slow evolution in their capabilities. On the other hand, consider a few of the NumWorks progressive new features and its innovative design.

The NumWorks calculator's keyboard and user interface is modeled after standard game controllers, making its learning curve so much quicker for today's students. The whole calculator is open sourced - even the plastic body can be 3D printed using publicly available STL files. But its support of Python takes its power and usefulness to a whole new level.

Python is arguably now the world's most popular programming language, for everyone from beginners to top professionals. Like the NumWorks calculator, its learning curve is short due to its leaner, cleaner, simpler syntax. Python, and the NumWorks calculator, are both powerful enough to support the efforts of engineers working at NASA on the most demanding calculation tasks, and yet they easily support the ease of learning and first use that greatly aid today's students.

MicroPython is a substantial subset of the full Python language, and it's a perfect match for the calculations required by programmable calculators. Learn MicroPython and a person has a huge head start on computer programming at all levels. Other old school calculators use unique, proprietary programming languages that don't serve future educational and workplace requirements.

This book is a collection of real-world Python programs written explicitly for the NumWorks calculator. Because of the nature of Python, these programs are short, easy to read, easy to enter into your calculator, and most importantly easy to understand. They provide a great way to enhance the computational power of the NumWorks calculator, and to help beginners learn a standardized, powerful, and very popular programming language.

The programs are organized into subject areas to meet varying interests and goals. A set of money calculations helps students grasp personal finance concepts. Another set of programs covers electronics fundamentals. Two and three dimensional analytical geometry programs support today's game creation challenges, and so on. Most everyone will find programs of interest in more than one subject area.
Python for NumWorks Programs
Table of Contents

Calculators and Computers
Dates and Times
Games and Chance
GPS and Navigation
Money and Finance
Plane Geometry
Space Geometry
Space Sciences
Other useful Python programs for the NumWorks Calculator