REST API-AnalyzeDesignDevelopSecureTestAndManage

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REST API-AnalyzeDesignDevelopSecureTestAndManage

REST API-AnalyzeDesignDevelopSecureTestAndManage
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REST API Design Dev Security JWT Unit, Integration Test Swagger OAS 3 REST API in Java Spring Boot dev using Spring Boot

What you'll learn
In depth knowledge of REST APIs
How to Analyze and Design REST APIs
How to use OAS 3.0 to document API Spec (contract)
How to develop REST APIs
How to write Unit tests
How to write integration tests
How to secure REST APIs using JWT
Learn JWT in detail
How to use JPA in different scenarios
How to handle NFRs or Non-Functional Requirements
How to manage REST APIs using Apigee API Management Platform
Learn developing APIs in Spring Boot even if you do not know Spring Boot

Why this course

You will find other courses and tutorials on internet which talk about REST APIs in bits and pieces. But you will not find any end-to-end tutorial. That's why I created this course so that I can teach how to execute a REST API project end-to-end. Because its very easy to do a POC and see things in working. But when you start putting lot of different things together you start facing actual problems. And then people start struggling to make things work together.

This course is not a POC course. In this course we learn concepts by doing hands-on real time project, and code it ourselves. This will give a enhanced learning platform on top of the theoretical concepts which I have covered in great detail. I have taken a very easy to understand approach, and I will take you through a flow which will make learning each and every concept very interesting.

I have taken a real world example and I keep on build on top of it in a continuous manner so that you do not loose the connectivity.

This is why my course is different from others!!

Please also note that this course has lot of quizzes and assignments to aid your learning!!

What you will learn

Following are the things we are going to learn in this course:

Analysis and Design of REST APIs

REST API Design best practices like resources, proper use of verbs/HTTP methods, versioning, etc.

Documenting the API Spec with Swagger or Open API Specification (OAS) 3.0

Developing REST APIs using Spring Boot

Writing Unit tests

Writing Integration tests

Handling NFRs like exception handling, logging and tracing requests

Handling complex table relationships like one-to-many and many-to-many in JPA

Learn in-depth theory about JWT

Securing APIs with JWT

Implementing Authentication and Authorization using JWT

Managing APIs using Apigee

Get some knowledge on Git and Github

See Java functional programming in action. Learn to use it in actual project situations

We are going to cover lot of details in this course. So we have lot of theory to learn and lot hands-on exercises to do. I have done live coding in the course you can learn even if you do not have any programming experience with Spring Boot. I have covered Spring Boot basics which will give you a kick start.

So lets get going!!

Who this course is for:
Students who want to learn about REST APIs in detail
Students who want to learn about OAS 3.0 or Swagger
Students who want to learn about developing REST APIs using Spring Boot
Students who want to learn how to secure REST APIs using JWT
Students who want to learn about writing Unit and Integration tests