Rethinking Architecture: Reader in Cultural Theory

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Rethinking Architecture: Reader in Cultural Theory

Neil Leach, "Rethinking Architecture: Reader in Cultural Theory"
Publisher: Routledge | 1997-03-28 | ISBN 0415128250 | PDF | 409 pages | 2.2 MB

Rethinking Architecture offers a refreshing take on the statement of architecture – what we mean by what we build. Brought together for the first time, this collection of core writings on architecture by many of the key philosophers and cultural theorists of the twentieth century reconsiders many of the accepted tenets of architectural theory from a broader cultural perspective. Rethinking Architecture represents a careful selection of the very best theoretical writings on the ideas which have shaped our cities and our experiences around architecture. Neil Leach lays out five sections composing the predominant schools of twentieth century thought. Sectional introductions link important ideas and themes, and surveys of the lives and works of each theorist preface their writings.

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