Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Supremacy

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Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Supremacy

Robert Ludlum, «The Bourne Supremacy»
Robert Ludlum | ISBN-10: 0553263226 | 1987 | English | MP3 (64kb/s) | 380 MB

In this sequel to The Bourne Identity , David Webb, still suffering flashbacks to his Jason Bourne persona, is forced to undertake a final, possibly fatal mission after his wife is kidnapped. He must find and capture an assassin who is posing as Bourne in Hong Kong. By so doing he'll foil a plot that could plunge the Far East and then the world into war. Ludlum's latest has a best seller quality that many imitate but few master. You can quibble about this being too long, too talky, too preposterously implausible, but you can't quit reading. As often happens with sequels, this is not quite up to the standards of the original, but legions of Ludlum fans will send it soaring up the best seller list.

Read by Scott Brick

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