The Rosedale Diet

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The Rosedale Diet

Ron Rosedale, Carol Colman, "The Rosedale Diet"
Collins Living 2005 | ISBN: 006056573X | 336 pages | PDF | 1,38 MB

From Publishers Weekly
As more Americans become obese and are diagnosed with diabetes in record numbers, they continue to seek out new sources of healthy living advice and dieting tips. Those frustrated with South Beach, Atkins and the Zone may find a friend in the Rosedale Diet. Its founder, a nutrition and metabolism expert with a practice in Denver, has developed a diet plan that teaches people how to control leptin, the key hormone that regulates appetite and, say Rosedale and coauthor Colman, your ability to lose weight. They present their plan in two parts, first explaining the concept, and then providing advice for putting it into action. The Rosedale Diet encourages consumption of high-fat foods (good fats, of course—and they're to be eaten unaccompanied by sugar-forming foods), and doesn't insist that people count calories. Rosedale recommends supplements, too, asking readers to take 2,000 milligrams of glutamine before going to bed at night, and suggesting pregnenolone and phosphatidylserine for some. Even if readers aren't ready to plunge full-force into the Rosedale Diet, they'll benefit from such recipes as Dilled Salmon with Fresh Asparagus; Lobster Tails and Seaweed Salad; and Grilled Beef Fillet with Bell Pepper and Mashed Rutabagas.

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