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Sales Techniques That Take Your Sales To The Next Level

Posted By: ELK1nG
Sales Techniques That Take Your Sales To The Next Level

Sales Techniques That Take Your Sales To The Next Level
Last updated 8/2021
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A fun, easy way to sell more effectively

What you'll learn

Have fun selling in a way that people have fun buying

Successfully get free publicity and recommendations through word of mouth

Build relationships with your customers so they buy from you on a long term basis

Use social media to stay in touch with your customers and build excitement around what you are selling


A desire to get real good at sales


Whatever level you are at, this course is for you. Guaranteed to take you the next level. Everything you need to know to improve your sales and increase your revenue. This sales structure applies to any customer. A complete course, beginning to end of how to befriend customers, charm them and get them to buy. This is such a fun process that does not seem like work. Have more fun, sell more, and create a positive buzz. increase your client base and sell to more people who love you. Increase your sales with this course. Enroll now and enjoy a better relationship with customers and a boost in your business. It’s not just about sales, it’s about growing your business, making relationships and getting to know people. The more value you can give to your customers that they need and want, the more money you will earn from people who are grateful for your product and service. Before selling, you need to have a clear idea of what the perfect product is that will provide the highest value and offer the best deal on the market. Only needed, authentic value communicated in an honest way will satisfy the customer and have them buying from you regularly while recommending your business to friends, family and coworkers.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: First impressions

Lecture 2 First meetings

Lecture 3 Starting the conversation

Lecture 4 Constant great impressions

Lecture 5 Get to know the customer

Lecture 6 Approach in a friendly way

Lecture 7 Make friends

Lecture 8 A great platform to start the sale

Section 3: Recommending the perfect fit

Lecture 9 What’s their purpose?

Lecture 10 What product to show?

Lecture 11 Have fun showing the product

Lecture 12 Be an expert

Lecture 13 Ask questions

Lecture 14 Build a relationship

Section 4: Closing

Lecture 15 What’s the best product

Lecture 16 Always up sell

Lecture 17 Get their email

Lecture 18 Practice selling to everyone

Lecture 19 Where is the customer?

Lecture 20 Keep the customer engaged

Lecture 21 What are they excited about?

Lecture 22 Find what motivates them.

Lecture 23 Talk about the products

Lecture 24 Learning about your customers is vital

Section 5: Why they buy

Lecture 25 Your customers are your salespeople

Lecture 26 The best deal

Lecture 27 Be charismatic

Lecture 28 Get customers to like you

Lecture 29 Communicate good ethics

Lecture 30 Are they excited?

Lecture 31 Find out where the customer is in relation to your product

Section 6: How to always sell

Lecture 32 Start step by step

Lecture 33 Make friends with your customers

Lecture 34 Fulfill their image

Lecture 35 What will make them buy

Lecture 36 Show them how great owning your product is

Lecture 37 How will you buy something?

Lecture 38 Start selling to your customers

Lecture 39 What will make them buy?

Section 7: Getting them to buy

Lecture 40 Are they excited?

Lecture 41 What makes them excited?

Lecture 42 What’s their reason?

Lecture 43 What’s motivating them?

Lecture 44 Find their motivation

Lecture 45 What will make them buy

Section 8: Selling properly

Lecture 46 Get them to listen to your presentation

Lecture 47 Mix up what you say to them

Lecture 48 Find their pace

Lecture 49 How to excite your customers

Lecture 50 Have fun selling

Lecture 51 Why customers love enthusiasm

Lecture 52 Be the expert for prosperity

Section 9: These things will help you sell

Lecture 53 Always look out for the customer

Lecture 54 When they’re ready to buy

Lecture 55 Talk about quality and value

Lecture 56 Go with the flow

Lecture 57 Appeal to your customer in a positive way

Lecture 58 How to give the best offer

Lecture 59 How to make your customer want to buy

Lecture 60 Have a casual conversation

Lecture 61 What’s making them want to buy?

Lecture 62 When they are taking too long

Section 10: Get those customers to buy

Lecture 63 You’re selling to the general public

Lecture 64 Enthusiasm is good

Lecture 65 What makes them excited?

Lecture 66 Saying the right thing.

Lecture 67 Ask about specifics

Lecture 68 Get them on various levels

Lecture 69 Be close to your customers

Lecture 70 Connect with a long term relationship

Lecture 71 Tell your customers you want them long term

Lecture 72 Hit upon what’s important to them

Section 11: Important stuff

Lecture 73 Customers buy for various reasons

Lecture 74 Get their attention

Lecture 75 Have them want to stay in the store

Lecture 76 Get their contact information

Lecture 77 Make friends with your customers

Lecture 78 People buy from people they know

Lecture 79 Sell to the whole group of people

Lecture 80 Is the customer a decision maker?

Lecture 81 Things that are important

Lecture 82 Things that help the sale along

Lecture 83 Their favorite products

Lecture 84 Let the customer take their time

Section 12: Effective techniques

Lecture 85 Selling to customers on a long term basis

Lecture 86 The long term relationship

Lecture 87 How to have a long term relationship

Lecture 88 The sales process in detail

Lecture 89 How to talk to your customers

Lecture 90 Staying in touch with your customers

Lecture 91 Matching your product with the customer is key

Lecture 92 Get engaging

Lecture 93 Engaging conversation

Lecture 94 Getting them to try

Section 13: More Effective Techniques

Lecture 95 Learning is most important to sales

Lecture 96 Customers expect certain standards

Lecture 97 Get the timing right

Lecture 98 Tell the customer the shortcomings of the product or service

Lecture 99 Recommend the better product over more expensive

Lecture 100 The honest business person makes sales

Lecture 101 The technique of sales

Lecture 102 Find what you’re good at selling

Lecture 103 Giving higher value makes better sales

Lecture 104 Ethics adds value

Lecture 105 The up sell

Lecture 106 Tell your customer how much you appreciate their business

Lecture 107 Make relevant social media posts

Lecture 108 Let the customers buy from you

Lecture 109 Make a 20 minute presentation

Lecture 110 Treating your customers

Lecture 111 Show the customer you enjoy their company

Lecture 112 How to influence their decision

Lecture 113 What’s their motivation

Lecture 114 Find their motivation

Section 14: How to make people buy more from you.

Lecture 115 More about motivation

Lecture 116 Making it happen for them

Lecture 117 Find their motivation

Lecture 118 Talking value

Lecture 119 The customer is feeling value

Lecture 120 Perceiving value by the customer

Lecture 121 Keeping customers happy

Lecture 122 Let them buy for what’s motivating them

Lecture 123 Their motivation will make them buy

Lecture 124 Focus on what’s important to the customer

Section 15: How to sell on the spot

Lecture 125 How to effectively talk to your customers

Lecture 126 Which sales techniques to use

Lecture 127 How to talk to various customers

Lecture 128 What’s their perfect product

Lecture 129 Perceived value is more than actual value

Lecture 130 Why perceived value is better

Lecture 131 Why perceived value is exciting

Lecture 132 Why only certain features are important

Lecture 133 Stay relevant

Lecture 134 What’s relevant to the customer?

Lecture 135 Relevant interaction

Section 16: Sales techniques that work well with customers

Lecture 136 Demonstrate value

Lecture 137 Demonstrating value is better than promising

Lecture 138 Demonstrating value in different ways

Lecture 139 Promising value

Lecture 140 Experiment with your techniques

Lecture 141 Business and personal

Lecture 142 How to sell long term

Lecture 143 Welcome your customers in

Lecture 144 Buying with emotion vs. reason and logic

Lecture 145 Make them feel good about buying from you

Section 17: More highly useful sales methods to build trust and customer loyalty

Lecture 146 Emotion backed by logic

Lecture 147 Believe and sell

Lecture 148 Exude confidence

Lecture 149 Explain technical things simply

Lecture 150 What will make them buy now

Lecture 151 Why do they have that parameter for buying?

Lecture 152 Saying the right things

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