Harry Alder: Nlp

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Harry Alder: Nlp

Nlp: Neuro Linguistic Programming the New Art and Science of Getting What You Want
Piatkus Books | 1997-02 | ISBN: 0749914890 | PDF | Pages 224 | 19 MB

It's not surprising that this has become a non-negotiable NLP text for people who want to get something out of the subject without donning sandals and letting their hair grow scruffy. He has kept NLPspeak to a bare minimum (no sign of `elegant') and has not been slow to deviate from the party line to appeal more to real `OK' business people. I gather it's in umpteen languages so seems to appeal very widely for such a potentially heavy subject. Also refreshing, he spares British readers `Robbins' rhetoric' and goes straight for the grey matter and long-term change in the reader. An ideal all round introduction before moving on to his other books for trainers, managers, golfers and NLP practitioners (NLP in 21 Days). I see NLP: New Art etc is endorsed by John Seymour, another respected trainer/writer whose own `Introduction to NLP' set the standards before Alder's more recent books broke into a wider business audience. A classic so worth investing in.