Sex Positions: Sex Positions, 101 Sex Positions to Make Her Scream

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Sex Positions: Sex Positions, 101 Sex Positions to Make Her Scream

Sex Positions: Sex Positions, 101 Sex Positions to Make Her Scream by Anastasia Ratajkowski
English | August 4, 2017 | ISBN: 1974275329 | 110 pages | MOBI | 0.24 Mb

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Bringing you an extensive and collective arrangement of 101 Sex Positions for you and your partner to try at home. If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, or outside the bedroom for that matter, then this is the title for you.
This title will introduce you to a whole new era of sex in your relationships, and a whole new world of sex positions! Whether you’re currently on the market or in a relationship, there is more than enough to go around here. Whether you’re new to sex and want to experiment or seasoned in the sack, there’s something here for everyone!
Difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced.
You will learn:
✔ Why Not All Women Enjoy Orgasms Every Time
✔ What Can be Done to Help You Achieve Orgasm More Often
✔ 101 Sex Positions
✔ Safety Recommendations for Advanced Positions
✔ Exactly How to Perform the Positions
✔ Lots of Great Tips for Him and Her
But that is not all… you also receive two chapters from her ‘Sex Mastery’ collection of titles, including;

✔ Orgasm Mastery: How to Make Her Come
✔ Orgasm Mastery: How to Have a Better Orgasm
Put hat spark back in your sex life and try something new!
Extracts from;“101 Sex Positions to Make Her Scream”:
“We know by now that you have to work to get a girl to orgasm, and I mean a genuine orgasm. The sad truth is that most women end up faking an orgasm to avoid the awkward tension when her male knows he hasn’t got her there. But not anymore. You now finally understand that the female orgasm is about more than just the physical act and you now know pretty much all you’re going to need to get to that wonderful place.”
“I want you to remember exactly that. The orgasm isn’t purely physical; the emotional and psychological elements are still so, so important. It’s possible for a person to orgasm without even being touched. It’s hard, sure, but it is certainly possible. I just need to demonstrate to you the significance of the mind here. It’s a key part of getting a female to her ultimate climax. Think about tantric sex. Now, you might not know a lot about tantric sex, but the idea is that sex is considered virtually spiritual in nature – it's linked to a higher state of being. So clearly sex is more than the mere physical act of stimulating the nerves.”

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